Female Balance



Female Balance Combination Formula – there are 42 flower essences or combinations (even more flowers!!!) in this formula!!!! This also contains the essence of an eagle feather and 2 semiprecious gems. This is a great combination for the complicated process of being female and at the same time evolving into a Light Goddess. We all have had astounding results from this group of flowers. This will balance hormones and address reproductive organ issues like nothing else that I know of. For anything related to being female!! Helps keep us calm, inspired, creative and lighthearted in all areas of our lives.

Female Balance contains the following flowers, gems and feather essences:

Rosa Gallica –holds you in an energetically protective, jewel-like structure (sacred geometry) as you retune and stay tuned to the essences in this fantastic combination.

Papaya – most closely linked to our sense of touch and issues related to our sexuality

Quartre Saisons Rose – maintain our true identity of love during upheaval and change

Chinese Fan Palm – brings our nervous system back to its original state of perfection

Sweet Pea – helps us with sleep rhythms, soothing while asleep, wake up refreshed

Dracena – opens us up to the feminine aspects of Goddess, consoles and celebrates us

Mutabilis Rose – clears subconscious fears as we transform into Light Goddesses

Eggplant – dissolves pockets of negativity in our field, like a negative thought pattern

Blackberry – brings us back into rhythm with the earth and our own divine rhythm

Hardhack – important essence for learning how to nurture oneself, especially on the mental, emotional and spiritual levels.

Milkweed – this helps us with self-expression, express the truest, eternal you unapologetically

Rosa Banksia – especially helpful for expressing unconditional love, no matter what

Inner Child – helps us to see the patterns that we developed in childhood that no longer serve us

Sago Palm – holds the blueprint for an enlightened human, and begins to attune us to that

Lavender – very specific frequency of energy protection for our field, related to heart chakra

Century Plant – letting go, rising to our potential, knowing that the time is NOW!!

European Fan Palm – research essence

Clitoria – unleashes energy from the 1st and 2nd charkas for the purposes of illumination

Orange Amaryllis – for understanding the complicated messages that our reproductive organs are sending to us .

Aloe Vera – cools all heated situations, good for hot flashes

Pink Lady Slipper – for holding unconditional love when it seems impossiblet.

Jade – for improving our ability to go with the flow, when time crunches seem to be prevalent in our lives

Raseberry – marvelous tonic for women

Avocado –helps us to fully digest our life circumstances rather than stuffing them somewhere inside of us for later integration, good for eating disorders

The Venus Garden – to adjust to other dimensions of existence, become multi-dimensional

Salt Marsh Morning Glory – offers support in tender care and lovingness, especially through touch, for pure compassion to flow

Pomegranate –very powerful essence for all aspects of our second chakra. Helps us to discern how to use our creative energies in fulfilling ways, for joyfully embracing all cycles of our lives

Dombeya Wallichii – offers nurturing for those who shelter others, especially in emotional and intellectual ways, comforts, sustains and consoles those seeking shelter

Ixora – establishing boundaries regarding sexual issues, feeling complete, whole in our sexuality

Loquat – another essence for digesting life situations rather than stuffing them away

Rain of Gold –removes blockages from our energy system that have convinced us that abundance is not our birthright or being in abundance is not spiritual

Orange –balances and calms our emotions like no other flower, for the distraught or agitated

Lauriana Rose –brings our electromagnetic field back into balanced polarity

Honey Bees in the White Hawthorn –removes stubborn, chronic blocks in our energy systems

Arrowhead- for reflecting the purity of God emotion over the typical roller coaster of human emotion

The Mary Rose – activates and enhances the threefold flame in the heart chalice of divine love, wisdom and will. Unconditional love and compassion attunement.

Turnera – tunes us to our life purpose by bringing us back into sync with our inner rhythms and divine rhythms

Titan- for the transformation and transmutation of ourselves into light Goddesses

Sarah Van Fleet Rose- soothes our electrical system during turbulent times. For if you feel overwhelmed and overwrought

Purify –brings our vibration to higher levels of frequency using all white flowers

Restore – brings strength and stamina to our physical body as we purify

Inspire- keeps us mentally uplifted and emotional stable as we purify

Eagle Feather –Unifies air and sky to embody the natural ability of flight within ones heart, ones work, and ones life. Each line and each point on the feather was said by the Native Americans and Shamans to be holding a point of healing wisdom. It is said that the eagle feather essence rectifies any imbalance or disorder in the human being.

Boji Feminine Shaman Stone- brings sanctuary to the heart space used for creating and supporting ones visions and dreams before manifesting them. Assists in creating the dreams of ones heart, aligns with the momentum present to manifest ascending horizons. Allows for more flow with a gentle assurance to ones life.

Blue Quartz –Fosters unconditional love and purity and helps us sustain hope through turbulent and stressful times. Lifts disheartenment and disillusionment and awakens serenity found deep within the hollow of the throat, the place where real truth is spoken. It facilitates communication directly from Source. Helps us to be lighthearted and laugh in the face of hurdles or potential defeat.


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