Allamandra – Each of our senses has its own energy “wave length,” kind of like specific number on a radio station or “band frequency.” Allamandra addresses the hearing sense and “hearing band.” This flower erases the trauma that etherically is imprinted on the hearing band. Helps us to clear the mixed debris or words that we have heard that have been negative and have not served our highest good.

Painted Leaf – Gives us a course or direction to take when we feel lost or unable to decide how to proceed.

Bloodroot – Cleanses generations of ego issues so that we can experience the powerful gifts of our genetic heritage. Clears judgment about our family origins.

Red Clover – Helps us to self reflect and more thoroughly understand why we do the things that we do.

Jewel Weed – Gives us patience.

Indian Pipe – Ends quarreling and brings inner peace.

Ginseng – We are still researching this plant, but we do know that it is filled with male energy.

Fringed Milkwort – For taking leaps of faith and rapidly expands our awareness and consciousness. Used by the native Americans as a ritual plant as males made their landmark transformations on their life journey.

Pink Tecoma – Highly comforting essence that lets us know of God’s love for us. Gives comfort, security and support.

Aloe Cilliaris – Cools down heated situations and argumentative tempers.


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