Faith Full



“Filled with faith, I take the next step.”

“I am Mary and on this day on beautiful Gaia, I bring you the wisdom imprints from the
flowers that will become your inner teachers, assisting in your ability to develop the essential
soul characteristic called faith. You are learning how to become full of faith and therefore FAITH
FULL. Gone are the days my dear ONES, that there is striving towards the ONE / ONE GOD /
ONE SOURCE. There is no longer even a need for the word “strive” for that suggests a
separation from the ONE and (I know you have heard it so many times) you are already in this
very moment the divine / ONE / Source! In this moment and in every moment.
We are aware of your trials and of your tribulations and we sympathize, but you know, you
kNOW, that it is time to raise your vibrations so that they match with those of Source. And as
you do so, because similar frequencies attract – YOU BECOME SOURCE. The Source, all
knowing, divinely unfolding, unconditionally loving Source. And so I say onto you, become in
this very moment what you know you are already.
FAITH FULL instills faith, literally suffuses and breathes the very specific characteristics, the
attunement to faith into your being, such that the footprint, each sole print, each “soul print”
that you take on the surface of blessed Earth imprints the quality of faith into the Earth and into
your beingness. Yes, just take one step. The one step your heart begs you to take, this is an act
of faith and we know dear ONES that each step may seem difficult or even treacherous. But do
please take the one step and the next will be a bit easier and the next even easier and soon your
steps will create a path, a path marked by faith, walked by a being full of faith. We emphasize
to you dear ONES, that the quality of faith is a necessary characteristic of a being of light, a
being of Nova Earth. Developing faith is part of your journey, yes; we know you would prefer a
roadmap, but then the quality of faith would not unfold. You will have stepped along, step by
step, towards the unfoldment of your destiny path, a path of faith, leading you full circle,
needing faith, finding faith, back Home to what you thought was lost, back HOME, all knowing,
divinely unfolding, unconditionally loving. Faith Full.”
(FAITH FULL contains the anchor essences of Gaywings, White Water Lily, Oxeye Daisy,
Tansy, Calendula, Yellow Candles and Goldenrod and other flowers we, as yet, are unable to


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