Fairy Connection



Fairy Connection Combination Formula makes us more sensitive and connected to the nature spirits, elementals, fairies, and devas of the earth. It’s energy is full of joy, delight, playfulness, and laughter while it connects us to the wilderness of our soul. When I take this formula, I am coaxed to get up early and sense the beauty and wonder of this planet we live on, and it adds to my ability to relish my time on earth.

Fairy Connection Combination Formula contains the following essences:

Purple Flowering Raspberry – “I am the song of Divinity calling you to the unmet corridors of your heart, and to the glorious wilderness of your soul.”

Wood Betony – research essence, helps us to detach.

Foxglove – harbors gifts for communicating more fully with the elementals.

Meadow Rue – this is a fairy flower, it helps us shed the illusion of ego, “I am delight in all creation. The web of illusion is gone and therefore I AM the joy of my eternal freedom.”

Silver Rod – aligns our matrix grid with that of the earths, dissolves old grid systems, protects.

Lady Penzance Rose – gives you a combination of wisdom and the right kind of stamina to complete your missions here on earth.

The Watchman – this gives a very powerful, cleansing and protective energy for healing deep rooted insecurities.

Lavender – protective frequency to those who choose to use it.

Red Clover – extremely calming for the emotions.

Baby Blue Eyes – supports us to know that our inner wisdom and abilities are true, clear self-knowledge, confidence and spiritual resilience.

Chamomile – breath of god essence, brings us to our center and into serenity.

Rosa Gallica – Mother of all Roses, she holds us in an energetically protective structure while we retune to the perfection of our abilities.

Rosarie de L’Hay – “I echo bounteous, abundant, overflowing, sweet love pouring into your life (cells) everlasting.” The fairies love us to be vibrating at a love frequency!

Indian Pipe – for the full vibrational experience of inner peace.

Cedar – this essence is called the “Gate of Remembrance” essence, reminds us as to our missions while we are here on earth.

Pale Pink Rose – for assisting our electrical systems to run smoothly as we transform.

Pomegranate – 2nd chakra essence, helps us to become more creative, helps us to use our creative vessel in subtle ways.

Elderberry – helps us to hold light amidst darkness, gives greater clarity to your spiritual calling, dissolves distractions.

The Mary Rose – increases our love, compassion and kindness, enlivens the threefold flame of divine power, wisdom and love as it cleanses the heart chalice.

Calendula – keeps us grounded, improves our ability to connect with the nature spirits and the earth.

The Fairy Rose – helps us to find within us, delight, joy, laughter, play and a love for life on earth.

Snapdragon – helps us to understand the full impact of our voice and its vibrational consequences.

Scarlet Runner Bean – helps us to explore the aspects of ourselves that we fear.

Carouby De Maussane Pea – promotes a gentle attitude towards others.

White Mullien – raises our vibrational purity to higher and higher levels of frequency.

ONE – this formula also includes the incredible properties of ONE described on this website.


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