Eyes of Children



“ I am the complete attunement to fairy, deva and nature spirit realms.”

“Dearest Ones of my heart, I am Mary and as you now know so very well, I am the protector
and guardian of Gaia. I hold your Gaia in my hands and my hands are your hands so you too,
hearts of my heart, you too hold dear Gaia in your hands. Intrinsic to our Gaia dear hearts is the
realm, or what you might think of as a web or layer of the fairy, deva and nature spirits. This
new flower essence EYES OF CHILDREN brings attunement to this portal that will, in time, show
so much more of the fairy realms and the critical role it plays for the health of all dwelling on
this fair Earth. Dear ONES, this realm holds the vibrations of joy, delight, bliss, wilderness of the
soul, our divinity and knowing, but it holds way more.
You see my children, as there are layers of water and soils and geologic structure, upon our
Gaia, so too are there layers of atmospheres and one of these is the layer of etheric nature,
most critical to the integral and optimal functioning of our planet. This layer has broken down
or in many cases, completely vanished and is no longer able to play its supporting role.
The repercussions of this are your extreme weather patterns, soil breakdown, plant diseases,
famine and more, and I tell you children, grief and destruction will continue until attention is
directed towards the healing and repair of this realm. The skillful purity of this realm’s service
will bring a great piece (and yes peace) of restoration for our plan of Heaven on Earth, but not
until humanity does the work. Know that my EYES OF CHILDREN contains wisdom imprints to
your energy fields that insure that you have the knowledge, instruction and support so crucial
for re-estalishment.”
You can visit www.spiritwatergardens.com to learn more about an initiative called I Believe
in Nature Spirits that demonstrates a way that people all over the world are holding dedicated
space for the nature spirits to re-establish their web by anchoring into land areas (even as small
as 12 feet in diameter) particpants have set aside for their use and anchoring.
Anchor flowers include Columbine, Forget-me-not, White Violet, Zinnia, Crabapple, Pink Lady
Slipper, The Fairy Rose and Horsetail, Wood Betony, Foxglove, Silver Rod, Purple Flowering
Raseberry, as well as others we were not able to identify and also the gem essences of
Lemeurian Seed Crystal and Staurolite Fairy Stone.


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