Emotional Accord



Emotional Accord

Our guidance indicates that our understanding of our emotional bodies is still limited, as we are only beginning to explore emotional experience as we shift from free will into divine will. As you may know, our emotional bodies are governed by water. Visualize your emotional body as the water aspects of your totality. It is clear that this formula is far more than being in emotional stability. Although this is desired, the guides were explicitly asking that there additionally be a sense of movement and adaptation for our emotions. In Sanskrit, there is a wonderful word – svarupa, which means perpetual bliss. It is said in those traditions that if we master our emotional bodies, the energy that we would use in the ups and downs of typical roller coaster emotions, will instead be transformed into spiritual fuel for our ever expanding awareness and consciousness, therefore bringing limitless bliss. This flower essence combination is all about the fullness of being able to experience the wide spectrum of emotions so that our glass can be endlessly full, but at the same time, not wasting a drop of our precious spiritual fuel for becoming the most complete expression of Creator’s glory. Emotional Accord contains:

Broccoli – finding equilibrium, feeling safe and secure, understanding the gifts of life’s ups and downs for our soul’s learning.
F.J. Grootendorst Rose – stability, perpetual balance.
Cucumber – improves confidence in our ability to handle great depths of emotion in healthy ways.
Moonflower- regulates the emotional body.
Coral Aloe – calming, especially good in heated situations (arguments for example) and other tense situations.
Arrowroot – good for mastery of emotional energies, deep cleansing and transmutation of the emotional body. Highly beneficial for periods of huge spiritual tansformation.
Red Raseberry – still unknown, I have huge respect for all of the varieties of raseberries, especially related to knowing the true extent , passion and wildness of our soul’s journey.
Easter Lily Vine – researching. Several lilies stepped forward to be in this formula.
Madam Hardy Rose – researching, although we know that she is for holding an even keel and brings us “endless balance.”
Pine – experience of a “safe harbor.”
Olive – researching.
Comte de Chambrog Rose – not being affected by outside pressures of society, etc.
Oak – stability.
Redwood – groundedness as well as spiraling up to connect us with the cosmos and our Creator.
Eucaplytus – not known. (will only be in the spray as so far we have the oil but not the essence).
Day Lily – knowing and comprehending timelessness, perpetual or lasting forever.
Peace Lily – vast inner peace and sanctuary.


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