Elimination of Limitation



“ I am the complete and full embrace of my divine light 100%.”

Universal Mother Mary shared the unfolding of this essence combination over a period of
two weeks. I did not receive a channeling for this combination, but was asked to detail
carefully, the individual flower and gem essences that were to be a part of the formula. This
essence is for the extremely deeply imbedded karmic imprints from lifetimes of hiding our light,
wars, violence, fear, anxiety, and oppression. It is for those who have committed 100% to
transcend all limitations that have blocked our full expression of human potential. It is for those
who are fully embracing their totality, divinity and wholeness. It is for those who are ready to
let go of their “key” trauma. That core issue. This is integral to a final cleansing and Mary gifts
this to us in her month of May, 2014.
St. John’s Wort – Release of karmic fears of unknown origin, particularly related to past lives.
Better known for depression, it reminds us that these karmic fears can have an effect on our
disposition. Helps us to remember the shining golden light that we already are and provides a
protective golden light wave.
Obsidian (Black) – Powerful gem essence for eliminating negative energies from oneself and
one’s environment. Obsidian cleanses the auric field of disharmony, negative attachments,
astral plane “junk” etc. This stone is not only for recognizing that we are holding negativity, but
also brings revelation as to how to cleanse negative patterns from the aura. Good for those
that are highly empathic, as they can often inadvertently pick up these negativities. Excellent
for karmic limitations. Helps us to understand the shadow side of our nature. We understand
darkness can be there to give us a basis for comparison.
Bloodroot – Purifies your ancestral heritage, helps you to see the gifts inherent in the genetic
line you chose. Purifies current and past life trauma associated with our ancestral family. For
living your own gifted and unique life rather than falling into inherited patterns.
Beet – This is the best essence for fear of abandonment, clearing ancestral or current life
trauma and the karma associated with that. Clearing of war and violent memories.
Blanc Double de Coubert Rose – Brings inner protective forces that stabilize/maintain the gaps
in our energetic/genetic totality that were once filled with karmic debts. Holds the space,
rather than allow other negativities to enter those spaces. Holds the space for new ways of
being. No more two steps forward one step back.
Grooved Flax – “I bring closure to old ways of being and doing.”
Blueberry – Clears fear that has come from other lifetimes related to being “known.” Light
holders and seekers have had to hide in many lifetimes and this imprint is deep in our energetic
totality. For being brilliant and refined (meaning that we have distilled our message to its full
potency in the spotlight).

Pineland Acacia – Cleansing of karmic debt from the totality and the collective memory bank
(think of the metaphor of the “cloud” where we keep our computer files) that have brought to
us in the past, the needed soul lessons. Very powerful.
Cotton – Release of negative karma. Eases troubled relationships that are karmic in nature.
Resolves issues in relationships between groups of people.
Osteospermum – Literally burns away (with its awesome color wave spectrum) karmic imprints
from this life and throughout all time. Highly beneficial essence for clearing fear that is karmic
in origin.
Hyssop – Clears the guilt that we have held related to karmic debts.
Forget-me-not- Reminds us of who we were before we chose free will. When we choose divine
will or to be divinely guided, we will never incur karma.
Omey – an essence from Greenhope Farm that asked to be in this formula. It is for lifting out
emotion based reactions towards a view uncluttered by preconceived notions. A way for
people experiencing loss, limitation, and suffering from this life and past lives to transcend
these limitations of experience.
Woad – researching
Blue Diamond Essence – As you remember, Mary’s gift of the BLUE DIAMOND energies cleared
karma from our energetic totality and she asked that this essence be added to this
combination. We have an authentic, gorgeous, very precious Blue Diamond essence in this


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