Divine Union



When we speak of DIVINE UNION we speak of the perfection of God’s perfect abiding within us. This comes not as an achievement but instead, it is in doing nothing, by no effort, that we receive this “mutual indwelling.” We receive DIVINE UNION when we are agreeing and cooperating with what the God of our understanding is already doing.

DIVINE UNION realigns you with everything and synchronicities, coincidences and “providences” keep happening. Science calls this quantum entanglement. When a branch is cut off from the vine it is useless and when it is connected to the vine it bears much flowers, fruits and seeds. The small self is fragile, needy and insecure, but when in union with the divine it becomes the true self in divine union and infinitely generative, in touch with its Source and inside the Big Flow. There is a name for this universal restoration and it is apokatastasis.

Universal Mother Mary says that DIVINE UNION “is a very different vibration and that the timing is right for this great leap to deeply realizing our connectedness. This essence can help us to dissolve that whisper of reluctance to enter into DIVINE UNION. “

The flowers within DIVINE UNION flower essence combination are Queen Anne’s Lace, Mediterranean Thistle, Gardenia, Juniper, Sea Puslane, White Mullien, Maltese Cross, Common Aster, Dandelion, Jasmine, White Forget-me-not and the gem essence of Tree Agate.


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