Divine Solution



“I am the integrity of my path.”

Universal Mother Mary says: "As always, I am with you dearest ONES of my heart. We walk
together as one. Our light together shines ever so brightly these days does it not? I bring you
this day the essence – DIVINE SOLUTION.  This, my children, is a flower and crystal combination
that will help you to gain new perspectives and "solutions," to perplexing dilemmas and
challenges that rob you of the life you are meant to be living. My oath to each and every one of
you is that indeed, divine solutions, seemingly coming out of nowhere, problem solving ideas
and revelations will be revealed to you as you walk your path with these flowers, for you do
desire flowers along your soul path, do you not?  I will guide your way on the path strewn with
the flower petals of DIVINE SOLUTION.  Walk this way, step here, no don't walk this way.  You
will sense my directives in a myriad of ways and you will know your way through the
complexities of your path. I bid you farewell for now, but know I walk with you always on your
White Violet has such a powerful service and is certainly often overlooked. This fine flower is
well known for helping you to come up with a brilliant solution to a vexing or convoluted
problem. If there is something bothering you that has been pesky, trying, irksome or annoying to
you in your life, put White Violet’s services to work! Another other part of this incandescent
bloom is that it brings purity to our problem solving. She brings integrity into the arena of
making tough decisions to solve situations in our lives and she will assure you that she will do
this such that you do not incur one small bit of karma. Yet another aspect to this tiniest of
flowers is that it brings shape shifting abilities. Shape shifting is the ability to transform a physical
form into other physical creation. In the case for problem solving, White Violet also helps you to
shape shift your mind!
DIVINE SOLUTION is also suffused with Sweet Woodruff (this is for the development of the 4th
eye), Maltese Cross (this is for wholeness when we feel torn apart or something conflicting or
shattering is occurring on our soul journey walk), White Mullien ( is a resolute cosmic flower that
soothes us in higher and purer octaves of universal information) and  Amphitrite (another 4th
eye essence).  Two gem essences are also included – Tiger's Eye (this is for stimulating you into
taking action around a decision, giving you clarity and discernment without being clouded by the
emotions) and Selenite (best gem for highest connection with divine voice).


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