Divine Order



“ I am attunement to the support of natural forces.”

“I am Mary. My dearest ONES – I wish to share with you my essence combination DIVINE
ORDER. This essence will help you to intuit the perfect timing for utilizing the complete support
of natural forces to accomplish all of your tasks. It will show you divine timing in every moment
of every day such that all that needs to be done, gets done, often far more quickly then you
thought possible. For you see, if the timing is supported by all of the forces, you can’t help but
easily complete your missions.
In this moment Mary shows us an ancient oak tree and shows how it bears the miracle of
abundant acorns. This tree has never been out of sync with the natural forces. So too, our
dreams in this life are bearing fruit and as that fruit drops into the earth its flesh and seeds will
nurture the earth and germinate the seeds anew. Our missions are beginning to result in
abundant fruit and many partake of it. Sometimes we want to rush the process, but Mary says,
be like the oak and wait for the perfect timing from all the natural forces that are available
around us before any action is taken. All will unfold in perfect divine order. I ask you dear
ONES, to listen to the anchor flower in this formula – Aster”
“I am Aster blooming late into fall in upland fields and meadows. I manage the day to day
events in your life with a precise rhythm that takes into consideration all variables. In each and
every day there are moments that are more effective than other moments to complete specific
tasks. I help you to come into sync with your own and earth biorhythms, the moon phases,
astrological forces, cosmic events and other subtle activities.
You will know how to coordinate each and every task in a way that is effective and produces
the least amount of stress and fatigue. I am much like a helpful assistant, attuning you to what
needs to be done and showing you how to take advantage of the subtle forces available that
will support and augment each task.
I am the one bringing a multitude of options into your awareness and I show you the highest
way to accomplish each mission with the support of natural forces and rhythms. Inefficient
actions are just not a part of my vibration and you will learn that they are no longer a part of
Further, I support you ability to wisely schedule events at what appear to be future times in a
way that will make them auspicious, significantly holding more impact than they would have
without my guidance.

Use DIVINE ORDER to program every variable both obvious and subtle and I will determine
the most auspicious moment during your day, your week, your month or year for the period that
will be most fully supported and bring about the most magnificent outcome possible.”

(Anchor flowers of several different types of Aster, Cosmos, Wild Red Raseberry, White Lilac
and Yarrow and many other flowers.)


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