Divine Guidance



Divine Guidance Combination Formula pulls together a wide array of essences that calm the emotions and mental chatter so that we can tune into the frequency of our intuition and higher self. This formula clears our energy field of imprints that block our ability to hear the God Self. When I first put this combination together the frequency was so high it was almost unbearable! The beauty of Divine Guidance is that decisions we make are based on information that comes from spiritual intelligence.

Divine Guidance Combination Formula contains the following essences: Chicory – helps us build momentum on our spiritual path by creating energetic structures that assist in giving us strong footing for the next step.

The Butterfly Garden – a number of flowers in this formula shift us from the illusions that contained us, to the joy, liberation, and expansion into our true selves.

Cedar – accesses our Divine “Mission Plan” so we are free to know who we are and why we are here on Earth.

Yellow Water Lily – helps us to discern the voice of God from all the other voices, unwavering in its certainty of God connection.

Allamandra – clears the etheric “hearing band” of blocks so we can tune in completely to our high vibration of Divine Guidance.

French Marigold – enhances clairaudience.

Century Plant – this is an essence that opens the door to being in the present moment, trusting, and rising to our full potential.

Sago Palm – tunes our body back to the original blueprint for enlightened mankind, enlightened embodiment, helps us know our divine potential.

Spider Lily – improvement of telepathic skills.

Calendula – restores our awareness of our brothers and sisters in the Angelic and Elemental Kingdoms.

White Hibiscus – shifts us from impulses that have us blindly seeking any connection, to a constructive, nourishing search for connection with our Creator.

Chamomile – often referred to as the “breath of God” essence, this keeps us in a place of serenity for meditation or for living our daily life.

True Wood Sorrel – takes us to our inner still point, we stay centered in God no matter what is happening around us.

Mehera – helps us to become a focus of complete love and devotion to God.


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