“I proceed with unbounded purpose and tenacity.”

“My dearest children, always remember that you and I are one. We share my unyielding
vision of Mother Earth / Nova Earth. This requires tenacity and a steadfast vigilance that we
hold dear, do we not?
The flower world abounds in resources that bring persistence and purposefulness to our
intentions, goals and dreams. We march together in single minded unison for our vision of a
healthy, loving, over-flowingly abundant and peaceful humanity and planet. These are times
where your ability to follow through with your intentions is more important than it ever has
been. It is time to strengthen your will and work hard for the good of all that is and is becoming
even more so Nova Earth and Nova Being. I bring you my new Mary Essence to be designated
Includes the following:
Beet Flower – Fear of abandonment, clearing trauma, unbounded purpose.
Bleeding Heart – Love and passion and infusing it in all that you do.
Pink Magnolia – Undeterred purposefulness for all that you passionately care about.
Lithodora – Drive that comes from inner knowing.
Strawberry – Health of the heart on all levels. Aligning heart with passion.
White Trillium – Compass setting. Said to be the exact vibration of the Star of David. Assists
with maintaining a groundedness as we walk our destiny path. Brings balance.
Wode – Steadfastness.
Star of Bethlehem – Brings confidence and joy as we let the old ways go and bring in the new.
Wild Rose – Unabashed creativity. She says “I march through fences! I anchor myself on
windswept sand dunes! I bloom continuously in your gardens for generations. I have become
all roses in all forms that you know. All I desire is to reflect the essence of the miracle of taking
on divinely inspired forms that infinitely mirror God’s ability to manifest in an endless
multiplicity of design, color, fragrance and healing abilities.” (Her thorns offer a protective
element as well)
Chicory – This is the essence for building. Help us to integrate the energies of each stage of our
journey so that we are well prepared for the next step. Gain solid footing for the next step.


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