“I am the complete expression of ONENESS.”

“I am Mary. I ask you to make my essence now and it will be called DEPARTURE. I will give you a list of flowers to use for this combination:”

Comfrey – (brings contentment as the soul and the heart unify as one powerful force)
Fire Orange Paint Brush- (gives clarity related to past and future lives, burns debris in the auric field)
Lupine- (for transcending duality and merging into ONENESS)
Purple Violet – (holds the essence of the violet flame – for transmutation and transcendence)
Thistle – (protection from outside thoughts and other forces, preventing us from moving forward, allows us to stay in an interior sphere and to do our spiritual work)
Yellow Bellwort – (for those in the spotlight, feeling the demands of maintaining a balanced exterior personality and interior spirit)
Yarrow – (letting go, surrendering to divine will, brings great grace in difficult circumstances)
Hyssop – (for helping us to cope with guilt feelings)
Sweet Cicely – (for those who are afraid to let go of precious memories, helps them to remember past lives no matter where they are on their soul’s journey)
Graniana Rose – (helps us to be a creative force of God’s will on our soul journey)
Eggplant – (clears and releases all limiting thoughts and emotions from physical, mental and emotional levels)
Pandorea – (lifts, unlocks closely guarded issues and old wounds and secrets so they can be healed, lifts great emotional and spiritual burdens)
Precious Blood – (red flowers and flowers associated with bloodlines – the mystery of bloodlines is not entirely clear, but we are asked to include this essence)
Loquat – (gives us a realistic picture of our situation – helps us to fully digest what is happening to us)
Maltese Cross – (mends us together again, reveals divine order and our wholeness/holiness when we feel torn apart)
The Mary Rose – (assists in connecting your human self with your divinity – expands the heart chakra)
Meadow Sweet – (supports us to feel unconditional love for our self – a precious reminder that we are deeply loved by our Creator)
Carouby de Maussane Pea – (promotes a gentle attitude toward others and awareness of our spiritual ONENESS)
Pink Tecoma- (deep comfort essence – soft blanket of God love, for extra support and nurturing, when feeling the need to feel secure, for facing life’s challenges)
Belephron of the Open Door – (this flower is a harbinger of spiritual change – opens doors to new experience)
Angelica – (opens up a connection to higher realms and to Creator, dismantles illusions of separation, helps us to truly know the truth of ONENESS)
Jewel Weed – (brings a patient attitude, helps us to surrender and let go and know that Creator’s timing is perfect)
Lavender – (for correcting disrupted energy fields)
White Water Lily – (perfect attunement to inner peace – “I am the lily of peace.”)

The Mary Essences are bottled in purified water instilled with rose water whose roses have been organically grown in Bulgaria. Additionally the essences have been infused with mantra and prayer to stabilize and maintain their frequencies.


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