Crystal Clear Space



This space cleaner is fantastic. You all know what I am sayin??? I mean insanely cleansing beyond what I have known as a space cleansed! The rooms feel like you are walking through crystal cleansed air. And you are because one of the elements to this combination is pure quartz gem essence. Divine guidance at its best once again! Not only that, but the flower essences of Sage, Pine, Redwood, Wintergreen, Sarah Van Fleet Rose, Paul Neyron Rose, Broccoli, Jack in the Pulpit (don’t ask), Jewel Weed, Sunflower and Golden Dew Drop asked to be included. All this is placed in a vehicle of a synergy of Sage Essential Oil AND the proper protocol Sage flower essence (meaning the deva of Sage is alive and active within the oil!).

I don’t know about you but although I love the tradition of burning Sweet Grass or Sage for clearing spaces and environments and auras, my lungs can’t handle it too often. And sometimes, if you want to be discreet about your cleansing (say you want to put your house up for sale) you just can’t be clearing the space without advanced warning all the time. And there are the ashes to contend with. This CRYSTAL CLEAR SPACE takes space cleansing to the next level. I am not even slightly exaggerating, I was so surprised!!!!!!! See what you think. I am going to go out on a limb and say that this spray will quickly become Spirtwater Garden’s most popular spray!!!


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