Creative Journal Journey



Creative Journal Journey

A flower essence combination to awaken your creativity, but in a way you might not expect. This flower essence is for more expanded as well as more refined exploration of our ability to travel multidimensionality, but this elixir also asks us to more fully participate in the journey by supporting you to engage in art, writing, shamanic journeying, rebirthing breath work and other forms of inner transformational work. It is as if you are being asked to turn on and amplify your inner radar. This combination will facilitate deep journeys into nature.
This essence says she is the way. She is the road strewn with the flower petals. She asks you to journey with her, to weave, wander, and explore the paths you will explore together. But she also asks that you express your impressions in creative ways. She says that as we have unified the 12 higher dimensions with the 12 lower dimensions (Flower essence combination THE LION’S GATE) we are now ready for the multidimensional “sea of galaxies” that await our response. This essence contains the following flower essences and one mineral:
Nodding Ladies Tresses – Assists you in becoming more perceptive, and to actually participate within. The unseen worlds bring answers to dilemmas yet solved. Work with Nodding Lady during your multidimensional journeying. Your understanding of profound shamanic practices will be revealed to you from within yourself. Just as it is a natural process for the nails on your fingers to grow, also it is a natural process to be able to comprehend the unseen. My essence is the key to unlock this process. You do not look outside of yourself.

Bee Balm – Amplifies and magnifies in whatever way the intention is formed. In this case we are doing inner work that is bringing out a greater expression and impression of perception for purposes of manifestation.
Aster – Personal secretary. Dictate and you will find that your expressions flow. Brings out divine rhythms and timing. Excellent for aligning with natural phenomenon (like astrological events, sunspots, etc).
Dandelion – A powerhouse of creative momentum, vitality, creativity and bringing out the healing force of creativity.
Mayflower – stars, star travel, intergalactic exploration, knowing our star brothers and sisters.
Sheep Laurel – Management of creative flow. Deeper explorations of creative energies of the universe and connection to that flow. Sacred journeying.
Gardenia – Portals to the unknown.
La Belle Sultane Rose – Awakening out of our lethargy / sleep. Create an inner sparkling life. Strong stamina and vitality.
Segesta – Researching.
Ocean Blue Morning Glory – Ability to express one’s self uniquely.
Copper – Interconnection and conductivity between dimensions. More vitalized and amplified thoughts moving between dimensions.


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