“ I am a God / Goddess of Creation. Intention + Energy + Breath = Manifestation.”
“I am Mary. Dear hearts of ONE, you have arrived into the very heart of creative expression,
into the very heart of ONENESS with all that is good and wise and holy. My kingdom is your
kingdom, my heart is your heart and my truth is your truth. Understand my ONENESS,
understand with all my heart/your heart that the fruits of our expressions will become the fruits
that will nourish humanity, far more tempting then the apple in your creation story in the
Garden of Eden. For we now enter into a completely different reality, a completely different
creation story and we speak to this, this day – for we have heard you inquire.
Expressions of creation take on an infinite number of guises but dearest ONES, I tell you that
they ultimately derive from pure, focused God intelligence and intention. Yes this is a
progression of humanity’s evolution and yes it is time to create a whole new garden, a garden of
Gods and Goddesses in creative expression; creating your world anew, and anew and ever more
My CREATION essence will help you to more effectively attune to the following exercise which
is a demonstration of how each of you can become a God or Goddess of creative expression.
Each morning, take a few moments to consciously intend the expressions of creation that you
want to manifest.
Let us suppose that your divine guidance suggests that you manifest peace on earth. Bring a
vision of this suggestion for expression of creation into your inner vision. You give it life by using
your senses to bring it into a full expression of your inner reality. Experience a vision of peace
through color and imagery. How does peace feel? How does it look? Does it have a taste or
even a smell? Use your finest and deepest imagery (the full strength of your third eye) and
intelligence to bring live to this expression. Now to bring even more life into this vision –
breathe life into it. Breathe it, such that it transmits to every cell in your body. The more that
you can breathe it into the cellular structure, the more it takes on a life of its own. This is
alchemy dear ONES, this is CREATION.”
(At this point in the channeling, Mary showed me images to use, thousands of tiny images of
Mary with doves (for peace), Mary with harps (for harmony), Mary with white roses (for purity),
Mary with a green and blue earth (for healthy and balanced earth) and Mary showered with
gold coins (for prosperity) etc. Remember that energy follows intention and energy rides on the
breath – your conscious application of this principle will change your own life and as this
practice becomes more collective, it will change our world. Mary showed this:
Intention+Energy+Breath=Manifestation. She also showed the image of our breath focused on

a mirror and how we can eventually, after breathing quite a number of breaths on the mirror,
that ether (our breath) forms into water droplets; the etheric made physical! “
This CREATION essence emphasizes flowers that help us with still point, breath, intention
and manifestation. (Wild White Rose, Flowering Blue Jade, True Wood Sorrel, Chamomile,
Milkweed, Centura and many other flowers we are as yet, unable to see).


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