Co-creation Combination Formula – Co-creation is a resolve on the part of a human being to dissolve ego illusions and liberate one’s self into the expansion of utilizing spiritual beings of the light of the highest in making joint decisions. Our information base becomes infinite in its capacity. Areas where co-creation can be used are in art, music, healing, writing and creating peace.

Co-creation contains the following essences:

Sage- holds the “body wisdom” of the planet, it helps us choose direction wisely.

Watermelon- supports explosive creative effort, bathes you in a stimulating vibration of creativity, gives you encouragement to continue.

Joe Pye Weed- helps us to surrender and to let go, lifts great burdens from us.

Red Mangrove- gives profound stability and grounding, nurtures and protects new ideas and ventures.

Rosa Gallica- the “Mother of All Roses,” this essence is in many of the combination formulas and seems to hold us in a protective jewel-like structure as we shift and retune to the entire intelligence of the formula.

Goldenrod- encourages us to be true to self in the face of society, peers etc. It helps us to listen to God and be non-recordant to the judgment of others.

Honey Bees in the White Hawthorn- for chronic energy blocks, energetically most of us have been blocked for eons from co-creating, this helps clear the channels.

Rosa Banksia- for the vibration of unconditional love all the time.

Cardinal Flower- helps us to dig in our heels as we commit more fully, consecrates our work, helps us to align ourselves with God’s will.

Pear- helps us rise above personality reactions and work with a group on the physical plane or etheric planes.

Serafina- connects you with an angelic hierarchy, that gives strong vibrational support.

Nuuphretia Lavarissa- an essence for fearlessness!

Agnes Rose- allows us to know we are all ONE, helps us connect with the angelic realm,

Pyrola Elliptica- brings the subconscious to conscious levels often through dreams.

Manila Palm- for those called to leadership roles, for the goose in the lead of the flock.

The Sunflower Spiral- for those in leadership positions, that are holding light and sharing light with others coming into the center of the spiral.

Mystery Palm- Gatekeeper, linked to creative expression revealed in mysterious ways.

Mallow- for a shift from linear thinking into timelessness and immortality.

Clitoria- unleashes kundalini energy from the 1st and 2nd chakra for the purposes of illumination,

Morning Glory- willingness to be open to receiving the blessings of the world.

Star of Bethlehem- new beginnings

Broccoli- helps us to learn the lessons spirit is trying to show us.

Lady’s Mantle- for sheltering and nurturing our insights and dreams until they are ready to be brought forward, keeps us undisturbed by outer forces.

Spice Tree- fines tunes our five senses to greatly enhanced levels.

Willow- for faith and optimism.


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