Children’s Balance



Children’s Balance Combination Formula addresses the many facets of a child’s life striving to bring balances in all ways. It offers a calming vibration while it contributes to emotional stability. The ability to concentrate and to stay focused is improved. Protection from negative energy fields is emphasized. Sense of purpose, self esteem, and trusting inner wisdom are enhanced. Several essences are included to help with transitions. The overall formula will restore within the child an enduring sense of delight, optimism, and faith.

Children’s Balance Combination contains the following essences:

Indian Pipe – this essence tunes us to the vibration of inner peace.

Chinese Fan Palm – for protection of sensitive nervous systems, repairs, soothes, rejuvenates and protects.

Pink Tecoma – this flower always finds its way into any children’s formula; it offers the reassuring vibration of love, comfort and security, and clearly lets us know Gods/Goddesses love for us.

Alex MacKenzie Rose – gives fortitude and quiet courage no matter what the circumstances.

Orange – keeps the emotions calm especially when agitated, for if frightened or emotionally distraught.

The Mary Rose – opens the heart to its express its compassion, love and kindness.

Broccoli – this essence helps children deal with peer pressure, centered in their own wisdom.

Baby Blue Eyes – supports clear self-knowledge, confidence and spiritual resilience.

Red Clover – calms the emotions especially if there is fear or anxiety.

Zinnia – restores within us an enduring form of joy, laughter and childlike delight.

Sarah Van Fleet Rose – has a very calming effect, especially when overwhelmed or overwrought.

Blackberry – helps people to adjust their vibrational rate to the planets. Sometimes the adjustments are difficult. Helps you to feel that you are in harmony, helps with cycles and rhythms.

True Wood Sorrel – helps us to find and hold an inner stillpoint, especially useful for those who tend to get overly excited and then have trouble calming down.

Chives – balances the active, masculine, “to do” aspect of ourselves, with the more passive, feminine, “to be” aspect of personality.

Dombeya Wallichii – offers emotional shelter and protection.

Rosa Gallica – Mother of all Roses-holds us in her protective, energetic embrace while we retune our energy fields.

Pennyroyal – another essence for protection from negative imbalances in people or places, keeps us from absorbing negative energy.

Willow – for faith, optimism and recognizing one’s role in the unfolding events of one’s life.

Chinese Hat Plant – for imbalance, change, disorientation and disequalibrium, brings balance.

Coral Aloe – cools down heated situations, also for burnout.

Pale Pink Rose – for all types of transitions, new locations, new schools, change in family structure, etc.

Turnera – opens us to know purpose, tuning in to our purpose and then acting on it.

Emergency Care – an overall remedy included in the formula, helps our energy field to adjust to daily impacts like computers, microwaves, cell phones and televisions.


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