Channeling Ease



Channeling Ease was developed for a channel who was having trouble adapting to the energy of the being that entered his body to speak through him. There are essences in this formula for moving back and forth between dimensions, sensitizing the nervous system, working co-creatively with divine beings, adapting to change and transition and helping us to see ?time in a different way. This formula is wonderful for artists and writers working co-creatively with etheric beings.

Channeling Ease contains the following essences:

Graniana Rose – essence for working in co-creation, activates co-creation chakra

Bay Grape – for moving back and forth between dimensions

Chinese Fan Palm – brings the nervous system back to its original perfection

Eggplant – removes negative imprints from our energy field

Kangaroo Apple – activates the downloading mechanism at the crown chakra for input.

Pyrola Elliptica – for bringing subconscious information up to the conscious level.

Hawthorn – heart chakra essences that reflects the spirit of giving and receiving.

Chicory – sets in place a series of etheric events that ultimately result in physical change.

Clematis – excellent grounding essence.

Clitoria – unleashes kundalini energies from the 1st and 2nd chakra for illumination.

Jade -helps us to go with the flow more and let go of the concept of time crunch.

Pale Pink Rose – excellent for change and transition especially for the energy field.

Lilac – this favorite is for the spine, also said to hold the mysteries of Lemuria.

Lime – excellent essence for opening the floodgates for channeled information.

Lauriana Rose – realigns our electromagnetic field back into balanced polarity.

White Yarrow – excellent protection from negative energies and electrical technology.

Cauby de Mausanne Pea – this is a group essence, it may be helpful for working with a group of people and recognizing the message the entire group would benefit from.

Sarah Van Fleet Rose – another essence for maintaining a smooth and calm electrical system.

Golden Armor – excellent essence for protection especially from negative astral energies and man made dissonance.

Mutabilis Rose – removes subconscious fears that keep us from moving through the transformation and transmutation into Light Gods and Goddesses.

Parasite – for clearing the field of parasites on all levels of our frequency.

Blackberry – maintains all levels of our being in divine rhythm, keeps us from going out of sync.

Manilla Palm – gives strength to our leadership qualities, for those that are called to leadership roles.

Foxglove – one of the best essences for establishing communication with elementals.

Logans Force of Truth – for anyone who has fears because of memories, conscious or subconscious, of being burned at the stake for holding light and living their truth.

Mignonette- problem solving essence, especially on etheric levels.

Claret Cup -helps us to see the religious dogmas that we once believed that told us that the physical body was bad. Reframing our thinking patterns into knowing that our body is a sacred temple as are the energies of the 1st and 2nd chakras.


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