Chakra Freq. 8-21



“I AM the activation of 14 frequencies of cosmic consciousness.”

This formula attunes us to each frequency. Each being brought in an “imprint” of their ray into our mother bottle.
Eighth ray brought in by Jesus Sananda, ninth ray by Lord Maitreya, tenth ray by Lord Melchizedek, eleventh ray by Zecadkiel, twelfth ray by Khimiel, thirteenth ray by Lao-Tzu, fourteenth ray by Daniel, fifteenth ray by Eziechiel, sixteenth ray by Kumuthi, seventeenth ray by Master of the 17th ray, eighteenth by Master of the 18th ray, Nineteenth brought in by Master of the 19th ray, twenty by Metatron and the twenty-first ray brought in by Source.
Brings in varied awakenings and activations.
Chakras 8 – 14!- The upper chakras that are outside the physical body go into the universe like antennas. When functioning, they download wisdom from many realms. Chakras 8-14! Contain the following essences:

Phoenix Rising – “I am life reborn. I am pure love found again in your heart. I am everything you ever looked for and more.” Essence formula from Green Hope Farm.
Silver Rod – aligns your energy field with the electromagnetic field/grid of the earth, helpful with all electrical adjustments in the entire chakra system.
Serafina – calls in a very high level of vibrational support, helps transmute fire into forward momentum.
Agnes Rose – helps us become more aware of the realms of spiritual beings, helps us learn the ways that we can “co-create” and cooperate between spiritual beings not in form and humans.
Sunlight Datura – opens up the channels for us to receive energies and wisdom from our sun and other stars.
Cedar – this essence is the “Gate of Remembrance” essence, helps us to know why we are here on Earth and to remember our “Mission Plan.”
The Butterfly Garden – essence for liberation, frees us from the illusions and misinformation that contained us, very joyful and playful qualities. Essence formula from Green Hope Farm.
Petunia St. Germain – for forgiveness on all levels for all times.
Rosaraie De L’ Hay – “I echo bounteous abundant, overflowing, sweet love pouring into your life everlasting – electrifying every particle of your temple body.”
Kangaroo Apple – integrates the input from the chakras above the head into the chakra system of the human body, draws a lot of energy to the heart chakra.
Coconut Palm – carries more life force into the whole chakra system.
Lady Palm – works with the alignment and velocity of the entire chakra system.
Queen Palm – repairs and supports the energy systems closely linked to the main chakras in and out of the body.
Mallow -loosens our attachments to the illusions that we are aging bodies, by offering a vibrational reminder that we are actually timeless beings in an experience of time.
Mehera – the exquisite vibration of single-minded total and complete devotion to God.
Spice Tree – awakening of the five senses to super-charged mystical levels.
Gardenia – offers a gateway to expanded reality, lifts the veils.


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