Broken Heart



Broken Heart Combination Formula contains 24 essences that clear negative patterns and imprints in our energy field that are related to the heart chakra. This series is for those who have had their heart broken in this life or others. This is also an important essence for those who are working on moving to greater depths in their personal relationship but have an underlying fear (often subconscious) that their heart will be broken. Sometimes we even sabotage the relationship because of this fear. Also for those who feel that their heart is frozen. Broken Heart Combination Formula contains the following flower essences: Begonia – an extraordinary heart essence, much stronger than ever anticipated. Rosa Gallica – “Mother of all Roses,” holds us in her energetically protective embrace while we retune our heart chakras to their original perfection. Pink Water Lily – unburdens our hearts of their deepest aches and sorrows. Prince of Venus – tunes us to our particular divine service on earth as we live completely in Christ Consciousness. Gooseberry – heals the void left where something has been taken that belonged in place, restores wholeness, even if there is something lost, used to heal wounds. Passion Flower – release of all tensions as we take our place in Christ Consciousness. Rue – herb of Grace. Rosa Banksia – the complete vibrational experience of unconditional love even though we may not feel that way all the time. White Bleeding Heart – powerful healing balm for the broken hearted, opens the heart. Red Chestnut – vibrational clarity and calm for those who worry and fret in advance of perceived difficulties. Wild Strawberry – sweetness, flourishing in even the harshest circumstances. Coconut Palm – brings more life force in our energy systems and in this case to the heart chakra. Pasque Flower – researching use. Lavender – holds a particular vibration that is very protective of heart chakra energy. Sarah Van Fleet Rose – smoothes and calms our electrical systems during turbulent times. Blackberry – for the rhythms of our heart and our life. Carmaieux Rose – softens the integration of painful memories and realizations. The Mary Rose – enlivens the three fold flame of divine power, wisdom and love, cleanses the heart chakra. Honey Bees in the White Hawthorn – for chronic imbalances in the energy field that defy solution, especially important for the heart chakra. Indian Pipe – for peace on all levels, includes planetary, community, relationship and inner peace with self. Hawthorn – the heart chakra essence for giving and receiving, symbolized by the breath, the greater the inbreath (receive) the greater the outbreath (give) and each enlarged makes the other greater. Agrippina Rose – illuminates and brings forward our own abilities to heal the heart. Dombeya Wallichii – for those who need emotional shelter. California Poppy – helps us to know our deepest hearts’ desires, uncovers enough to help us see the heart is the seat of the mind, helps us act on those desires, rather than delaying.


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