Breath of God



Affirmation – “I inhale ONE, I exhale ONE, I am ONE.”

“I am Mary and I am with others this day in the Rainbow Garden of shimmering golds, vivid
greens, explosive oranges, soothing blues, fiery reds, ethereal violets and star studded
magentas. Here, please sit awhile and let the indwelling spirit within breathe deeply for you and
of the nourishment this garden can provide.
My dear ONES, we see that you have stopped breathing. We don’t mean of course that you
don’t breathe at all, but we do see that most of you do not take full advantage of the
miraculous benefits of breathing deeply with awareness. Your evolution into Light Body is highly
dependent on your ability to breath well at this time. A refined awareness of the breath will
demonstrate such a wide spectrum of healing and consciousness possibilities – everything from
lowering blood pressure, to healing a specific, localized condition, to learning to be in the now
My essence BREATH OF GOD is a combination of flowers that benefit all aspects of breathing;
physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. Those that understand the benefits of the breath to
all aspects of being have insight that beckons them advantageously along wisdom’s path.
This combination will show you along the path that will rhythmically and deeply let the
universal breath breathe you from within and from without. Along your journey you will find
access to rarified prana that will balance the 5 pranas surrounding and within you. Amplification
of your awareness of your breath will lead to an enhanced connection to your soul and spirit.
Use this essence for any breathing or lung issue, to maintain concentration and focus, for
greater breath awareness, for greater connection with all that is, for clearing traumas (See also
RELEASE TRAUMA) that have created breathing problems and for greater efficiency in getting
fresh oxygen and other rarified prana constituents to every cell in the body.”

(Anchor flowers are Chamomile, White Clover, Lungwort, Daylily, Indian Pipe, and other
flowers that we, as yet, are unable to identify coming in on the ethers.)


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