Brain Gain



A new essence has stepped forward that will be a part of the Galactic Grace Collection and it’s focus will be for the continuing health and transformation of our brains. I have been asking for this for some time and our star elemental helpers are finally saying we are ready! Science suggests that we the proportion of knowledge that we have about our brain is infinitesimally small! And of course it is commonly known that we are barely scratching the surface as to the use of our brain, much research showing that we are using only 8% of our brain capacities! Most of the research so far as focused on psychedelics, dream state, ego dissolution, rewiring, psychotherapy and hypnosis. The proposal here, from higher guidance is to explore the flower essences that resonate with brain health and exploration and combine them into what is to be called BRAIN GAIN. Some of the symptoms that you would look for to see if you need BRAIN GAIN are brain fogginess, inability to focus and concentrate and forgetfulness.

There will be a greater connection with your brain, in that you will be able to command the brain to take care of something and it will. This feedback loop has been broken and will be repaired with this combination.

The flower essences and one gem essence that are found in BRAIN GAIN are the following:

Lily of the Valley – Extremely refined sensory exploration
Indian Pipe – We know that this is for inner peace, but also have been aware of its potential for enhancing our understanding of our brain. Will bring in new awareness of our brain and it’s astonishing abilities.
Purple Violet – We know this flower to be one of our most celestial plants and also of its use with the violet flame. The higher guidance is indicating that we are about to become aware of its service for expansion of brain potential.
Rhododendron – Contemplation and insight.
Salmon Berry – We do know that is a great flower essence for going against the grain, or having to fight an uphill battle. There is the suggestion that expanding our brain potential may require us to “go against the grain” for a time. Many of us would be considered “brain dead” and in fact, because we use so little of our brain’s potential that “measurement” may be accurate.
Yellow Poppy – We can focus on the psychedelic exploration and mind stretching with minute doses of the poppy plant through this essence. Don’t worry, the amount of essence comes down to 2 gallons of water and 1 drop of Yellow Poppy.
Aloe Ciliaris – This is a very calming essence and also very cooling. Some of you may have had sensations of the brain being too hot, and this essence will bring the calming and cooling that our brains need as they transform.
Havana Skullcap – Inner teacher, connects us through to a more amplified universal network.
Shooting Star – Dream world.
Scarlet Pimperael – For courage, leaping forward, high confidence in exploration of new things, situations, and environments. Moderates intense spiritual awakenings and kundalini experience. Helps us to be equal to the challenge we are going through.
Tree Germander – Very ancient flower that holds codes for our awakening.
Lemurian Seed Crystal – Holds precious knowledge related to awakening to our full potential.


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