Blue Star Activation



“ I am an initiate into 4 th eye awakening energies of telepathy and prophecy.”
“I am Mary dearest ones of my heart and I (as you are finally beginning to understand (smile)) am
always with you. We have come such a long way together, have we not? Have you not seen these great
shifts in consciousness for all of humanity that have occurred during this past month of May? My
children, you are now ready for an initiation that comes through this flower essence combination I ask
you to call BLUE STAR ACTIVATION. Dearest ones, I delight in bringing forward in loving compassion and
infinite tenderness, a flower essence combination that will activate for all of you what I will call the
fourth eye awakening. If you will find your third eye center and move vertically upwards approximately
2 inches to what may be your hairline and then inwards towards you less than an inch, you will locate
this energetic center.
Many of you have already at some point in your initiations here with me, received a Blue Star
Activation. You may or may not have been aware of this. You are recognizable by awakened ones on
your plane and of course by all of the non-physical beings of love and light frequencies. They see the
etheric blue star glowing like a sapphire at your upper forehead.
The first aspect of this activation that will be amplified through this flower essence combination is a
great and grand shaft of white light that will pour into this fourth eye area. As you adjust to this great
light, you will notice a sensation that feels as if you are being “more precisely placed on track” or
“clicked into place” (and never to return back) to a course of absolute beauty, purity, love and light. This
great white shaft of light is literally going to “hold you in place.” The light is very strong and there will be
an adjustment period. Current language does not suffice to explain all that will occur through this
activation but I will tell you that greater telepathy and vastly improved abilities at prophecy will occur
with greater acceleration. Here my children – see the flowers stepping forward to initiate you into this
Sweet Woodruff – Activates a great and grand shaft of white light that pours into you’re the fourth eye.
Holds you in place so that you can maintain this connection.
Labrador Tea – Holds assistance for endocrine and nervous system advancement.
Sheep’s Laurel – Stage of completion. Ties up loose ends.
Allamanda – Cleanses old scars and blockages that kept us from utilizing our abilities to discern spiritual
messages. Helps us to tune in to high vibrational messages that come from or sensory perceptions.
Boneset – This special flower is well known for its ability to make our bones healthier, but did you know
it also makes the bones and skull more crystalline like structure. Remember that your skull is involved in

this shift. This is a slow process, but as you continue on your journey it will accelerate. This was one of
my favorite flowers as a child! It is an incredibly powerful plant.
Bunchberry – This flower holds what she calls the two star initiation. There is a fifth eye as well.
Blue Cardinal Flower – Divine wisdom and truth, carries the blue diamond energies of Mother Mary.
Camilla – Letting go of old ways of being and doing.
Blue Cornflower – Brings us out of the imposed structure of time.
Star Flower – Brings in our star brothers and sisters to assist with fourth eye activation and more.
Wild Fuchsia – Works out the “muscles” of the fourth eye to activate and bring mastery.
Blue Skullcap – Telepathic skills.
Shooting Star – Star activations.
Chicory – Building block essence. Sets the stage and foundation for our continued transformation.


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