Blue Diamond


Affirmation – “I am attunement and healing to blue diamond energies, releasing old

karma and the erroneous concept of incurring karma forever.”

“ Dear ones, I am here in your midst. It brightens my day my dearest children, to
present this unprecedented gift of the blue diamond energies. This is the blue aspect of
the Threefold Flame of the sacred temple of your heart chakra chalices. Just as you tend
to your gardens on our precious planet Gaia, I tend to your Threefold Flame. The blue
flame burning brightly, within your chalice temple represents divine healing and wisdom.
During your learning curve in free will (yes, it was a long one) that humanity
experienced, this flame barely quivered, but with this activation, once again, it will burn
brightly like a sun kissed, sparkling sapphire.
Yes, you have seen me offer the blue diamond energies to you, during your healing
sessions. These energies, dear ones, within this sapphire blue crystalline structure
explode into thousands of small blue diamonds that course through your energetic being
and bring an exceedingly high octave of cleansing on the cellular level and beyond. This
includes the elimination of karmic memories. Indeed, I gift you this, my children: The
whole concept of what you have named karma is now washed from your totality. Like
thousands of tiny blue diamonds, pouring through a fishing net, you will now be forever
cleansed from this formidable obstacle that served you well in freewill, but is now
irrelevant once again as you move back into the glory of divine glory.
My blue diamond energies activate dormant aspects that will nourish the Light Body
in new ways and replenish starlight activations of sacred equations, retrievals that are
most necessary for the Light Body and its sacred undertakings. These divine blue
diamond energies take you back in time, forward in time and sideways in time. See the
many blue diamonds spiraling in and through your energy field system, around you,
above you and below you. These spiraling energies spin and spin and the many facets of
the sacred geometry of a diamond flick the dross out of your fields. Note the uplifting
qualities of this energetic frequency. Call in these energies through the flower essences
and during your healing sessions and expansive spectrums of wisdom will be revealed.
For this is the flame of both healing AND wisdom.”
(Anchor flowers are Blue Cardinal Flower, Blue Cornflower, Blue Bells, White Joe Pye
Weed, Blue Phlox, Blue Columbine, Blue Delphinium and Blue Osteospermum and other
flowers that we, as yet are unable to identify coming in on the ethers and also includes
the gem essences of Blue Sapphire and Blue Quartz.)


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