Blessed Creativity



Blessed Creativity Combination Formula – This formula activates a release of energy from our chakras for creative endeavors and keeps us grounded and focused to bring about results. It heightens our senses and draws from the chakras outside the body (8th, 9th,10th, 11th, and 12th), for inspirations from the cosmos, This is a powerful formula for artists of all types. Blessed Creativity contains the following essences: Wild Iris – the core of this essence is a deep understanding of the spiritual service behind artistic creation, art created heals those who experience its vibration. Moonlight Datura – Goddess powerhouse, tunes us to our inner wisdom and rhythms, opens up to different realms of spiritual information. Turnera – tune us to our inner rhythms, helps us to know what we want to do, clarity of purpose, moving forward. Lemon – improves mental clarity Spice Tree – awakens the five senses to a supercharged mystical level. True Wood Sorrel – reveals and takes us to the powerful place of our inner still point to keep us focused. Morning Glory – openness and receptivity to the divinely inspired creative process, supports birth of the new. Pomegranate – helps us embody our complete powers of creativity in all forms another wonderful essence for empowering the Goddess aspects. Dracaena – “I am Goddess, ” opens us to the feminine aspect of Goddess. Allamandra – helps us heal etheric wounds linked to hearing our divine higher self, opens us to hear spiritual direction. French Marigold – helps us to truly understand all that we hear, and to know its origin (ego, emotional, divine?) enhances clairaudience. Freesia – gives us the full experience of experiencing creativity and our selves in an unlimited way, gives a vastness to our perceptive abilities. Clivia – creative expression of the energies of the 1st (root) and 2nd (creative) chakras, takes the life force of these energetic “playgrounds” to utilize for our creative endeavors. Clitoria – dramatically increases the power generated in our chakras, especially the 2nd, the seat of our creativity, brings an ecstatic energy to the creative process. Winter Spruce – downloads information from the cosmos into the chakra system of and outside of the physical body.


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