Be Hold Beauty



“I maintain beauty for planet Earth by fully experiencing the beauty all around me in every moment.”

“I am Mary. Blessed are those that walk the Earth and feel the beauty of the Earth beneath their feet and the sun kisses, the moon kisses and the star kisses upon their skin. Blessed are those that hear the beauty of the bird song, the breath of the wind and the beat of a heart. Blessed are those that inhale the fragrance of the pine forests or the flowers of a meadow. Blessed are those that taste crystal waters and their mother’s milk. And blessed are those that truly see the kaleidoscopic array of an infinite number of images of beauty, recorded with both the physical and inner eyes.

Whirl and dance within your senses to the endless variety of forms of beauty on Blessed Earth, within the celebration of the body you call human. “Be” “Hold.” In other words, “BE” the one that “HOLDS” the vibration of beauty for the planet. Is this understood? You, my dear ONES, you all that call yourselves human, you “HOLD” the key to how life on Earth can “BE” experienced. As you walk the Earth all that is necessary is for you to “be” and “hold” with your conscious intent your complete experience of beauty.

So you are here and behold beauty and your are there and behold you experience beauty and everywhere you turn you are that tuning instrument, an image holding container for images of beauty. “Be” “Held” my dearest ONES, beheld by the ONE that holds you. Take a step and hold beauty, take a step and hold beauty, this is my desire, my meditation for the inhabitants of this Earth that hold the mission of “holding” beauty close.

NOW. In this moment see yourself as beauty. You are beauty full. The amount of radiance coming from you is a direct reflection of the amount of beauty you “hold.” Beholden in beauty, bound in gratitude. Holding beauty you are beholden in beauty.”

The Mary Essences are bottled in purified water instilled with rose water whose roses have been organically grown in Bulgaria. Additionally the essences have been infused with mantra and prayer to stabilize and maintain their frequencies.


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