Be and Be Guided



“ I am the innocence of pure white handmade paper, ever ready to receive the splashes of

color from the divine realms.”

“My dearest ONES, you find me this day in the Rainbow Garden of Love and Light and I direct
you to look at me closely oh dear ONES of my heart. You look at me and in this moment
perhaps I speak to you and you see that my lips are forming the words and you hear each word
easily. Yet, I tell you this, the next time we meet, yes, we will meet again  (and again ) and
that next time, you may not see my lips move at all, but you notice that I am holding a sign that
you see contains one word and you may receive a complete thought or concept in an instant.
So yes, you see that there are many ways that I (and many others of love and light energies)
will want to communicate to you. One day we may speak most innocently to you while you are
walking in nature, and on another, in the very early morning, just at the moment before you
awaken from deep sleep. You may be riding the subway or climbing a mountain while we
convey our dispatch. On another day, your many senses come together and you see, and feel
and hear our message in a way that you call your “6 th sense.” We like to be able to have many
avenues within which our communications can travel.
I will tell you, you will often hear our guidance when you least expect to. My children, after
so much preparation and hours of meditation and other rituals, you block yourselves from our
guidance! You project that you will hear a message by performing these practices. This is old
conditioning and my precious BE AND BE GUIDED preparation will relieve you of these
burdensome ways. This essence is for when you tend to project what or how the divine
“should” be guiding you. This essence will help you get out of old rhythmic habits. If I guide
you on any given Monday morning, it does not mean that I will guide you the next Monday at
the same time!!!
Know my children that we love the new and unexpected and love to thrill you with our varied
communications. We will never be boring and you will never be bored. You will be engaged like
a child at play. Burn out is not in our vocabulary!!! Children, you can be really getting in the
way of how we together are to manifest something when you have expectations as to how it
should be done. Try this combinations and these tendencies will cease!!!!!”
Contains Painted Leaf, Bee Balm, White Heliotrope, Red Anthurium, Scarlett Skullcap,
Goldenrod, Sage and many other flowers we are yet unable to see.


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