Awakening II


”I AM the Light of a brilliant new dawn, thoroughly awakening your Light Body to its unlimited capacity as God/Goddess.”

Activates telepathic communication.
Focuses more light behind the third eye to support greater galactic experience.
Awakens solar plexus to activate a power center needed for greater conductivity.
Brings a specific light frequency beam into the crown, 8th, 9th and 10th chakras
to assist in visualization and grounding of a new culture/civilization -our own here on Earth.
Clears old memories and knowledge that will then allow us to accept higher frequencies of light.
Promotes unconditional love for our brothers and sisters all over the universes and here on Earth as never before.
Smoothes new interpretations for our transition in the social, academic, recreational, feeling and home self.
Engages joy, and inspiring pursuits to follow ones soul and purpose.
Meant for those with advanced expectations and perspectives.
Recommended for those forming communities of Lightbeings on all levels.


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