Awakening Feet



AWAKENING FEET – This amazing essence combination that holds the earthy fragrance ofSandalwood, activates the chakras in the feet and softens the energetic barriers around the feet so that we are able to better sense the earth beneath our feet and upload energy from the earth. Helps us to understand why the feet of the guru were worshipped. Very important essence, as when we move into light body, often the crown chakra gets extra wattage and we must remember that we also have to strengthen the chakras in the feet to counteract the energy in the crown and stay grounded. Supports our abilities to download information from the cosmos. Contains Sago Palmthat holds the blueprint for the enlightened foot chakra system, Black Ebony for assisting us to hold more light in the foot chakra system, Lauriana Rose to bring the electromagnetic field into balanced polarity,Freesia for helping us to realize the boundlessness of the foot’s energetic system, Golden Armor to protect the energetic field from negative energies – in this case for the foot area, Corn for grounding, Zucchini for stamina and strength for the feet, Temple Cloud Orchid for uploading earth activations and codes (I have heard these called the “diamond codes”) and Bellwort for humility, grounding and interconnectedness to the earth. The semi-precious gem in this combination is Garnet whose deep ruby red frequency aligns one with the deeper dimensions of the earth and keeps us fully grounded. The bottoms of your feet will delight in and call for a gentle misting every day!!!!!!!!


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