Angel Choir



Affirmation – “ I am the perfected sense of clairaudience.”

“Dear Ones, I am Mary and I bring onto you, this day, blessings of the sounds of the
celestial choir. Your understanding of your abilities, related to the sense of clairaudience is as
yet, incomplete and we desire and request that an exploration of this refined sense be
undertaken. Your investigations will reveal spectrums of information that have been
unavailable. Light Body evolution involves activations of senses that are currently dormant. I
now step back to allow the deva of Blue Bellflower to speak of her services for the unfoldment of
Nova Earth.”
“I am the essence of Blue Bellflower. My tinkling chimes are the calls and the tones of angelic
presence. Come sit close to my flowers someday and listen. I call forth legions and hierarchies of
the most magnificent archangels and angelic presences. My essence in your gardens, when I am
in bloom, will place the call that will instantly assure a grand response. (When I am not in bloom
you can use my essence.) Your ability to receive angelic guidance is most enhanced with my
blooms. If you do not yet know your own guardian angel – meet up in your gardens amidst the
misty, velvety blue energies of my essence.
My subtle fragrance floats on the gentle breezes and speaks of flows of angelic energies that
are brought to those that need them. My essence assists with your abilities to more effectively
send messages on the ethers that will be consciously received. Send the message of peace on
Blue Bellflower winds and peaceful, harmonious thoughts will be felt or heard like fluttering
prayer flags in the mountain air. Even those not quite so “tuned in” will be astonished at the
impact of the feeling they receive.
I am the one and true essence for clairaudience. Have a friend tune to Bellflower while you do
the same and you will both find that you have improved your abilities to communicate together
on telepathic levels that you had not thought possible. I am also a wonderful essence for any
type of communication. If two or many are meeting and you all want to speak so that each of
you is heard authentically, I am the essence of choice for each of you to take as you begin your
meeting. Alternatively, I serve you well with your communications with those on the non-
physical realms of love and light. I am especially useful for co-creative projects with divine
Hear my gentle tinkling, like wind chimes: blue twinkling bells in gentle breezes and you will
revel in the abundance of ways that you will hear and be heard.”

(Anchor flowers are Blue Bellflower, Virginia Bluebells, Zinnia, Spring Beauty, Lily of the
Valley, Purple Love Grass, Abutilon, Daffodil, Allamanda and other flowers that we, as yet, are
unable to identify coming in on the ethers.)


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