Abundance Manifestation



Abundance Manifestation Combination Formula contains the following essences: Sunflower- promotes a total understanding and realization that each of us is God/Goddess, a chalice of light in perfect balance with the personality, the servant of the God self, “all systems go for being God/Goddess in action. Morning Glory – shows us how to open and receive the glories of creation, also reminds us of the importance of gratitude, returns us to the ancient rhythm of experience and celebration of that experience. “I am open to the blessings of the world.” Tree Peony – Abundance, a generosity flooding the heart, an unconditional and total love, coming into the center of Divine flow. Phoenix Rising – “I am life reborn. I am pure love found again in your heart. I am everything you ever looked for and more.” The Fairy Rose -This is the essence of delight, encourages playfulness, laughter and joy, reminds us of the rich pleasures of life and to relish our time on Earth. Clitoria – dramatically increases the power generated in each of the chakras, brings ecstatic energy to the heart. The Eight Garden – a combination of flowers from a garden that helps you let go of what you don’t want and manifest anything you do want. Gall of the Earth – for the experience of Heaven on Earth all the time. Blackberry – attunes us to the rhythm of our creator. “I am one with the rhythm of God. I am One with the inbreath and the outbreath.” Rain of Gold – helps you to open to the flow of Divine Abundance. We know that this is a natural condition of being, helps us release our fears about abundance, our work serves mankind and abundance can to nothing but serve this cause. The Venus Garden – an even more powerful garden than The Eight Garden, the flowers from this garden are for making the permanent transformation into higher dimensions, for letting go of the old and manifesting the new. “I am the Presence – re-membering my full identity as a Divine, All Wise, All Powerful and All Loving being, the beloved child of my Mother/Father God.” Zinnia – “I am one with God’s joy. I am joy.”


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