“I walk the road strewn with pink roses that
leads to the town named Wellness.”
This sublime flower essence remedy holds 13 pink rose flower essences, co-created with the help of The Divine Mother. Universal Mother Mary, asked that we place
 together in an alchemy of healing rose energies,
 these 13 Pink Roses that we offer only here at Spiritwater Gardens. This is such a beautifully grace filled essence and you will love taking it.
We are told by Universal Mother Mary that humanity
 as a consciousness once chose
to know “imbalance” and “disease” for the purposes of a learning curve that informed them as to what it was like to live in free will rather than to live the life of divine will and that now a tipping point of humanity has grown
 tired of these explorations.
“My dear ONES (Mary says)   walk now
on the road strewn with pink roses,
this road will show you the way to wellness.
Roses are one of the highest frequencies in flower essences
 and these higher frequency vibrations 
will cancel out lower
frequencies of “disease.”
I see this essence come up in readings (you can always call me for a complimentary reading – 715-272-1593 or reply to this email) for those that have sluggish lymphatic systems. Also this comes up for those with thyroid challenges.  Stagnation leads to blockages that can lead to tumors and other imbalances and diseases. Roses bring great transformation and help us to rise above lower frequency energies. You may intuitively just KNOW that you need this essence!!!Contains John Davis Rose, Great Maiden’s Blush, Stanwell Perpetual Rose, Sarah Van Fleet Rose, Heritage Rose, Agathe Incarnata Rose, Gallandia Rose, Pale Pink Rose, Coral Pink Rose, Konigin von Danemark Rose, Reine des Violettes Rose, Rosa Glauca and Quatre Saisons Rose. Also holds the gem essences of a White Diamond and an Emerald the color of green grass.
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This testimonial comes from a client that receives flower essences, remote healings, SPECIAL PRAYES and Twin Flame Relationship healings. The next Twin Flame Healing is November 30th.  If you are already in a 4 healing per month or more program, you are included in the Twin Flame Healing at no extra charge.  You can sign up for just this healing for $55. Just reply to this email and we will take care of this,
“This is so lovely, Elizabeth! So deeply true and powerful in that way, that authenticity just rings a bell that will never be unrung. Just as the Twin Flame information and healing/clearings set a foundation of real loving, conscious partnership to radiate out into the world. Your work in this way beautifully supports my own courage to move beyond the blocks to love and clarity, summoning up my innate power as a lover and friend, healer and guide, grateful partner and follower in my own primary relationship. I see that this flame you are rekindling, fanning, purifying with this work warms us in a way that allows us to relax into the love we are and join that to our Twin Flame, nourishing the connection to empower the growth of this sacred love. This looks to me like a love broadcast that flows into our immediate environment, community, country, planet, solar system. A Love Code that enlivens and perhaps shifts, antidotes, a few less love-ly energetics. WOW. Thank you so, so, so much.”


Fire flames on a black background. Blaze fire flame texture background. Close up of fire flames isolated on black background. Burn. Abstract fire flames background. Texture.

Hi Everyone!!! On Nov. 10th, 11th and 12th I enjoyed the first ever North American Fire Ceremony with Mahendra Trivedi.  Mr. Trivedi, as most of you know is known for his abilities to send energy “healings” or blessings to agricultural plants, animals and humans.  The recipient of this energy transfer is greatly improved in all areas of life and this has been scientifically validated by over 4000 research studies, many published in peer reviewed, scientific journals. Mr. Trivedi shared with us that fire represents transformation and that there are benevolent fire deities that assist with clearing and purifying the energetic totalities of our beingness.
     My understanding as I experienced three Fire Ceremonies, one each day,  is that by releasing into the fire, you can heal deeply at the level of the soul without having to experience at the literal and physical levels. My guidance showed that we can restore our vitality, balance and wholeness, while we release old ways of being and let go of drama.  Through this comes rebirth, transformation and renewal.
     Fire Ceremonies are the core of Native American, Shamanic and Vedic traditions. The fire moves old energies from the past, gives them momentum and pushes them out so that we can reach our highest spiritual progression. According to the Vedic sources, it is through the fire that forms of the Divine are invoked through profound spiritual intention.  This generates powerful spiritual vibrations that bless and purify everyone present and spread purifying energies throughout the world.  It is said that the energetic vibrations invoked during a fire ceremony are the most powerful presence of the Divine on Earth.
     Many of you commented to me that your healings felt incredibly powerful  on Monday, Nov. 13th.  I know that this is because of these fire ceremonies of which, I am so extremely grateful. And there is what is known as a ripple effect, meaning that any energetic transformation that is happening to me, is also happening to you and to those that you are around you including your family, friends and those that you are helping to heal. It takes great courage to continue the process of spiritual expansion and I am most grateful to those of you that courageously step up to obtain this upliftment.  You will not fail if you step up!!! Don’t let yourself be talked into being good enough.  Good enough is not enough.  To be really useful to the Divine you have to become the full and most unlimited expression of Creator’s grace. Many love and light blessings, elizabeth