Hi Everyone!!!! Don’t know about you but I sure have felt all of the “squares,” and “conjuncts,” the planet lineups, and other astrological effects during the past few days. I have already heard from a lot of you about these events and the physical effects they are having. Heart palpitations are quite common for the evolving Light Body. That said, I do recommend that you mention them to your doctor. If everything is fine, know that these are symptoms of the evolving Light Body. You see the electromagnetic pull on the earth is lessening. And it is doing so exponentially. As this happens, we are doing our best to adjust.

If you are having challenges with this, the essences recommended by higher guidance the most are THE GENESIS and HEALING MOTHER’S HEART. They work beautifully. The earth has given us these flower essences, fully knowing that humanity would need these remedies! Other heart related symptoms can include a dull ache or heaviness around the heart or other types of arrhythmia that feels like fluttering or skipping a heart beat.

Some of you are having what I call brain surges. They feel a little like your brain is having a hot flash. This is occurring for two reasons. First there is a release of what is commonly called Kundalini energy. Actually, in Sanskrit, Kundalini is translated as “block” or “obstacle.” What is happening is that the Kundalini is unblocking and the Shakti is gaining a greater level of wattage. These “surges” signify the release of this Shakti. Little by little, more and more is released and we are adapting into the thousand petaled Lotus flower of the crown chakra.

Also and very importantly, most of us have brains whose capacity has been blocked and we are in the process of this clearing so we can utilize the most unlimited potential of our brains. Many of us “sensitives” (and thank goodness we are) will note that eating refined sugars and flours brings about inflammation to many of our body parts. This includes the brain. So you may start to note that you feel a lot better when you leave out those refined foods. Flower Essences that are assisting with this evolution are BRAIN GAIN, CHAKRA 7, FOREST BATH and the fragrance spray LOTUS IN FULL BLOOM. And of course I should mention that my research that was published in Journal of Bioscience showed that mice that received healing energies (from our healing energies that were being sent) showed lower inflammation!!!

I am also hearing about a dull ache at the back of the base of the skull and sometimes headaches that are originating from the base of the skull. Again, make sure your doctor know about your symptoms if they are severe. But if you are told that all systems are fine, this is some new sacred geometry that is happening within what the Europeans call the Alpha Chakra at the base of our skulls. The CO-CREATION essence is excellent for setting up the sacred geometry among the chakras within the skull.

Be sure you are getting plenty of sleep. What is the most important piece for evolving into Light Body? High quality sleep!!! Not the sleep that leaves you feeling like a rung out dish rag, no that is not high quality sleep. You should have plenty of energy throughout the day without the usual stimulants. Our essence called PROTECTED SLEEP is really great for getting high quality sleep. And over and over again I receive testimonials from all of you about the wonderful sleep that you get on the night that you receive your remote healing.

You can order all of these essences at our website – www.spiritwatergardens.com. If you would like a reading (yes they are free) to see if any of these essences would be auspicious for you, just reply to this newsletter. Or you can call me at 715-272-1593 or 800-850-6839. Hope this was helpful everyone and that your evolution (it is happening, you can’t stop it!!!!) into Light Body is in a grace and flow. And if it isn’t, you owe it to yourself to love yourself enough (yeah Valentine’s Day is coming and you should be loving up yourself too) to order up some of these remedies created by incredible Gaia and her nature spirits, devas, and fairy energies. Everything is made custom just for each of you and we LOVE to watch as the non-physical energies dance and sing and put their magical touches and flourishes on each of your flower essence combinations. These are the times of many magical and miraculous blessings of love and light, take advantage of these windows of opportunity to accelerate our evolution into Light Body!!!