Hi Everyone, I hope you are having a wonderful day on our dear, most precious
Gaia. Universal Mother Mary has told me that we are in a pause period until the
beginning of May (Month of Mary). I hope you are feeling just a bit of a lull in your

transformational process. There was so much cleansing of the most deeply
embedded stuff in March and early April and the break is welcome isn’t it? If you
feel that you need a little extra support around deep rest, the Mary essence for
bringing relaxation and rest into our totality and is especially good for our over
stressed adrenals and exhaustion is EMBRACE THE PAUSE(See details below).
Now, in our month of Mary coming up, you will be experiencing great expansion. This will
be reflected in every area of our lives. I am told that there are two new Mary Essences for
our expansion coming in May. Never a dull moment when the divine realms are guiding the

tillers that are sailing each of our vessels!!!

I have been invited, (I just can’t say no – these are once in a lifetime
opportunities and typically cost more than $300,000.00 to participate in – I do
have to pay a lot, but not nearly this much!) along with just a few others, to
participate in another scienctific research experiment. The last two have been so
dazzling. 8 published papers, 6 more being published (the results can’t be
released until they are published) this year, and there is no doubt in my mind that
this next project will also result in amazing outcomes which means more
publications, more credibilty and more validation so that the naysayers and
skeptics will let go of their old beliefs and conditioning. The only way these days,
to get published papers, is to do something that is way beyond the norm and this is
being accomplished!!!! If you are interested in seeing abstracts of these papers go
here. Heaven on Earth as it relates to our health is coming on strong.
So this time, what makes this next experiment so exciting is that we are going to be
graduating from using mice in the experiments to measuring human parameters.

And we will be measuring the following human parameters:
1. How the remote healing energies support the heart.
2. How the remote healing energies support the lungs.
3. How the remote healing energies support the kidneys.

4. The effects of the remote healing energies on the cognitive/thinking process.
5. How the menstral/ hormonal cycles are affected by the remote healing


6. How the remote healing energies support bone health.

7. How the remote healings help us to absorb Vitamin D. (3/4’s of the world
population is low in Vitamin D, even those that work outdoors all day every day.)
The concept that most excites the research lab that conducts this research is that they
see every indication and trend that creating new chemical drugs is producing disappointing

results so less dollars are going in that direction.

What is exciting to the lab is we offer a method that will bring healing support to
every organ in the body and it is through this that healing can occur through very
specialized administration of remote healing energies. The lab wanted, for a few
healers, the final “seal,” the “without a doubt” science research that would show
the efficacy of this alternative form. My sense is that they are fortelling a new
scientific truth and want to be a part of its unfoldment! There is not a day that goes
by, that I am in such profound gratitude to all of you that make this happen for
me. I could not even begin to think about doing this research without your
support. And please, if you know others that would benefit from these healing
energies, please let them know. I rely only on word of mouth for my advertising,
nothing else is the right resonance according to the divine guidance.
Sign up at the website for the remote healing program. You will receive a
complimentary Twin Flame healing tonight and then your chosen dates for
healings for the month of May. On May 31st there will be, once again, a twin

flame healing administered by Universal Mother Mary.
Many love and light blessings, elizabeth

May Schedule:

Monday Healings – April 7, 14, 21, 28

Thursday Healings – 3, 10, 17. 24 and 31 (Twin Flame Healing)

Saturday Healings – 5, 12, 19 and 26.

Essences are on sale – 3 for $75. Use code 15free

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