Fragrance Sprays Collection. 

I can’t say enough about our wonderful fragrance sprays. Each of them has such a unique array of benefits for our entire energetic totality. Our Fragrance Spray Collection is often overlooked, as sprays are not considered part of the complimentary readings that we offer. That is because the spray is more for the space that surrounds us, rather than for our own “issues” and conditioning that we are in the midst of completely clearing from our fields in these times of transformation. These essence sprays last a long time and you cannot find anything like them in terms of quality. The fragrance oils that we use for the sprays have been consciously made, meaning that they still hold the deva and energetic blueprint of their wisdom imprint or service. All of the oils that we use are in a “synergy” with the liquid, so that they do not separate. Also, ALL OF OUR SPRAYS are made with organically sourced materials. Photo above shows White Pine, one of the essences found in our IMMENSELY popular Fragrance Spray – CRYSTAL CLEAR SPACE.  Quartz being made into a gem essence is another essence that is found in our CRYSTAL CLEAR SPACE Fragrance Spray. This space cleaner is something you can use in place of burning Sweet Grass or Sage. It does everything that these plants do (in fact Sage is also another ingredient in this essence) and more, without the smoke and ashes. This is a great way to discreetly clear your spaces of old negative accumulations of stagnant energy and negative astral energies. You will love how all of your rooms feel when you walk through you spaces. Other essences in this formula are Redwood, Wintergreen, Sarah Van Fleet Rose, Paul Neyron Rose, Broccoli and others. This spray takes space cleaning to another octave!

LOTUS IN FULL BLOOM is a Fragrance Spray that includes both White and Pink Lotus Flowers and oil, Himalayan Cedar, Atlas Cedar, Rose Absolute, Jasmine and Amber. The fragrance is divine and so is it’s purpose which is to bring a great expansion to the crown chakra, awakening the thousand petaled lotus flower of this chakra. This is wonderful for channeling, praying, meditation, contemplation and for purposefully acquiring knowledge. It feels good and you will literally swoon over the fragrance. Also contains other essences for expansion of awareness that takes place as the crown like Milkweed, California Poppy, Dwf. Ginseng and Osteospermum. I don’t think we make a cent on this spray because the White and Pink Lotus oils are so expensive, but we don’t care, we love that we can make it available to you!!!!!

Each of the flowers in SEVEN KEYS TO MAGNIFICENCE creates a wonderful alchemy that is so divine in fragrance that you will have no doubt that it was divinely guided! Imagine Rose (photo below), Amber (photo above), Sandalwood, Carnation, Neroli, Patchouli and Jasmine. The essence has a golden feel and we even had a client send her before and after aura picture that showed just how golden the aura could be! Each flower offers a “key” to our magnificence and also includes the vibrations of the 76 Sacred Names of God listed in The Book of Enoch. The sounds from this archangelic alphabet coordinates the elements of life with God’s name and the sounds of each divine letter generate patterns of light that are introduced to our own energetic totality.

Divine guidance has shared that the flowers from citrus fruits bring frequencies of overflowing abundance. JENNIFER’S PEACE contains whole plant synergies of Lemon, Tangerine, Grapefruit, Orange, Lime and Mandarin. For example.the wonderful Orange blossom flowers support uplifting thoughts and joyful enthusiasm and bring great prosperity in all areas of life.

We have suffused the wonderfully joyful energies of several different Orange blossom species to create our Fragrance Spray essence PURE JOY. This uplifting combination brings ongoing joy into our lives. We learn that joy does not come from outside sources, but overflows continuously from the inside of our hearts. The incredible essence brings about this feedback loop.

Three different species of Lavender Flowers create the fragrance base of PROTECTED SLEEP Fragrance Spray.  Supports dream work and protects from nightmares. Excellent for children, spray just once or twice near their pillows. Calms the emotions and tones down over stimulation. Also contains other flower essences known to be of benefit for sleep including Jacaranda, Crown Vetch, Sweet Pea and Blackberry.

We also have other sprays available including ANGEL CONNECTION (in Angelica), AWAKENED FEET(in Sandalwood), FACIAL REJUVENATION (in Rose Water), FAIRY CONNECTION (in Melissa), PERFECT TEETH (in Rosemary), and RITUALS AND CELEBRATIONS.