Hi Everyone! I hope you are all thriving
and enjoying a wondrous spring. I’ve
moved into the gardens as much as I can
now and like a cat purrs, I am humming
blissfully. You may remember I like to call
this the OM Zone! When in the gardens, I
can always find greatly increased access
to the deep, nonverbal intuitive
experience that naturally moves us
towards harmony. It feels like a deep
wave or current, or a “persistent …pull
toward anything that aligns with our
essence-nature.” (Recognition Sutras p.
358.) Think of swimming in the ocean and
feeling a current pull you. This is the
strength of the divine when you can find
that frequency of flow.
The more that you can experience being
permeated with that flow, the more that
higher power moves through us. When
you can stay in that flow for minutes,
hours, or hopefully days, you realize that
there is a benevolent power that is so
way way awesome and you never want to
go back to that funky “normal” contracted
state of whims, desires, wishing,
suffering, emotional swings, etc. etc.
This is the opening “…into one’s deeper
nature…like surrendering into an ocean of
Presence, far vaster than you ever
imagined yourself to be. The habitual
‘small self’ …’dies’ into that Presence, and
in that way is graced.” (Recognition
Sutras p. 359.)
There is so much to love about cultivating

Image at the very top is a close-up of my
succulent garden. If you look very closely
in the middle and a little up and right, you
will see a beautiful flower on one of the
tiny cactus plants!
Next pic down is my gorgeous
Cymbidium that is blooming right now and
is showing off more than 60 flowers. I
have never had this many blooms on this
plant, not even close! Below to the left is
a close up of this pale lime green and
dark magenta flower. I will be entering this
orchid in an orchid show next week!
When you step close to it, I feel like it is a
being with sooooooooooooooo much
integrity, joy, and light!
In the terrarium, if you look closely, I have
a miniature purple African Violet that is in
full bloom.

our gardens. I am quite sure there is no
healthier pursuit. And soooooooooooo
good for spiritual expansions! I could list
all of the ways that gardening is so good
for us, but that will have to be the subject
of a future newsletter.
Today I am sharing pictures of some of
the wildflowers and wild scenes from an
area 1.5 hours south of me called the
Dells of the Eau Claire. This was an
expedition that was made through the
organizational efforts of the Northwoods
Hike and Paddle group on May 11th.
Wisconsin has so many natural areas that
punctuate the state’s landscape. I think
you could go to places of unique and
pristine beauty once a week for years
without repeating yourself.
The top image shows the flower of Wild
Blueberry. The photo below that gorgeous
Blueberry flower is Wild Cherry. And at
the bottom of that column is what we
decided must be the Cut-leaved
To the right here is the humble Yellow
Belwort. Below that is the Eau Claire
River and next you see the delicate
beauty of the Spring Beauty.
Since my last newsletter we have
experienced the Portal Period between
the 2 eclipses, and many of you also
participated in the purifying 4 Fire
Ceremonies and 9 days of the sacred
We all have had sooooooooooo much to
integrate (and now this continues with the
gifts of solar flares that are particularily
active right now) and I think we are finally
being able to have a greater ability to
wrap ourselves around how truly
transformed we are. The portal period
between the two eclipses was HUGE for
major shifts, and then the continued
SPECIAL PRAYER period poured more
grace into the mix!
Heart Chakra Expansions Can Be Tough
So many of you mentioned that you are
experiencing heart expansions in one
way or another. Whether it was issues of
the heart, heaviness around the heart,
feeling like we wanted to take deeper
breaths than ever, but couldn’t, or even
anxiety at the heart, or all of this at the
same time it could be rough going
because these are all symptoms of really
major heart chakra / energetic / electrical
expansions. When grace like this is

poured on, we have to find a way to
adapt to make the next upgrade and
know that it isn’t always comfortable. We
will be continuing with this expansion, but
in a more moderate way for at least
another month or two. If you feel
challenged, be sure to enroll in my
healing programs,the autoship program
for flower essences once a month, and
watch for our fall Fire Purification
Ceremonies and Fall SPECIAL PRAYER
Website is Spiritwater Gardens. Link
Leveled Up Consciousness
So many of us have leveled up our
consciousness games and we are
collectively clearing more than ever
before as contrasted to previous
periods.Yes, sometimes it is hard but
know that clearing brings about the great
gift of amplifying higher and higher states
of consciousness for yourself and on the
planet, and I am sure that you are seeing
and feeling the shifts in yourselves and
the most wonderful shifts around you that
are occurring at a much faster pace as
contrasted to what we have seen in the
To the right is an image of Marsh
Marigold. Below that is the flower of the
delicious Strawberry.
A person of even some expanded
awareness can shift 10 million of “normal
consciousness” and many of you are
shifting even up to 100 million!!!
Age Delay, Dissolving Disease.
Another realization I’ve been thinking
about and experiencing for me and for
many of you, in fact, in conversations with
some of you; we teased this out together,
is that we have been upgraded in our
health and age delay or age reversing like
never before during these times and
probably since January. Many of you, and
I have had some odd symptoms and we
have come to the realization that our
health is incredibly improved! Of course I
am not allowed to makes statements but
truly incredible things are happening in
the dissolving of dis “ease.
Grace Equals Revelation
The crystalline GOD-like energy that was
ignited during this sacred period
continues to be all-consuming; wave –
after – wave of it. We are all continuing to

be showered with grace. One of my
biggest takeaways of these times (that I
did share with you midway through
SPECIAL PRAYERS) was this sense that
word “anugraha” means grace and
revelation happening simultaneously. We
were (and now too) showered with grace
as never before and I think that means
that we will have revelations like never
before. And know that this will go on for at
least several more months.
Remember each day to ask with a soft
THROUGH ME TODAY?” (Recognition
Sutras p. 112). Through the healings you
are gifted with great momentum in your
ability to gain and sustain higher and
higher states of consciousness. Know
your soul, your essence-nature DIVINE
AWARENESS and become centered in it.
You are not your mind, your body, etc.
You are PURE AWARENESS. Being in
PURE AWARENESS pulls us out of our
ordinary way of being and doing (where
we try to grasp at life) and brings us
closer to more enlightened states that I
will be referring to much more in the
future. Make it a simple practice
and request of the divine that you
are wanting to know more and more
about how to maintain AWARENESS and
develop ways to make the AWARENESS
periods in your life streams and flows that
are unbroken rather than interrupted and
punctuated with “contraction.”
(contraction is the opposite of
A Way To Cultivate and Maintain
(This is a practice that I have developed
on my own. It works better than anything
else I have tried. With Flower Essences,
Regular Healings, Fire Ceremonies, and
SPECIAL PRAYERS you will make
miraculous momentum on your journey
towards greater and greater states of
enlighenment. You will find the divine
current and easily maintain your divinity
in it.)
One way to develop greater periods of
AWARENESS is to do what I call soul
breathing. The “Cave of the Soul” (go to
the small cave underneath the base of
your heart chakra chalice) houses your
soul and that is where your breath
originates. Inhale from there, exhale from

there. Long and deep and slow. This
amplifies the heart chakra and has the
added ability to help us to extend periods
of AWARENESS. This practice begins to
become more and more our
experience and then we slowly begin to
transcend being the grasper always
grasping (contraction). By paying
attention, your divine guidance intuitions /
answers will come easily.
Hope this is helpful to all of you, and
again, from the deepest place in my heart
and soul, I am in great depths of gratitude
for you all and your efforts to bring
about The Heaven on Earth that we know
more abundantly than ever before is well
upon us !!!!!!!!!!!! Many blessings of love
and light, elizabeth
(Below photo: You know I LOVE the
thought of a path as an analogy to our
soul destiny journey – may it be beautiful
like this one shown in the image below.
( 2nd down: The white flower below is
White Trillium.)
(3rd down: The word current means a
force flow of water, AND it also means
the flow of an electrical charge. Dwell in
THE divine current ;))