Namaste’ Everyone!!!!!!!! I am hoping your solstice times are filled with all of the light
activations and spectrums that are being showered upon us in these next few weeks. And

wow, what a fabulously fantastic year it has been! I hope you are all having a beautiful
holiday season, filled with laughter and giggles, inner peace and contentment and love and
light blessings. I hope that your physicality is well, your emotions are expressed and your
intelligence alert. I hope your soul and spirit are profoundly fulfilled and content. I hope you
are getting the results that you desire and that your dreams are becoming manifest. I wish
with all my heart and soul that all this richness and magnificence continues to unfold for you

in an ecstactically profound way in the upcoming New Year.

I commend your interest in expanding your knowledge about your energetic totality and
it’s healing and transformation and your pioneering spirits that are exploring all dimensions
of new ways of healing, doing and being. I am so grateful for the opportunity to be way
shower for new possibilities for all of Earth and all that inhabits our dear Gaia. I quote Greg


“….Following a deep inner calling, brave pioneers of consciousness appear as bridges of
light, revealing new portals to new worlds and new dimensions. These individuals are the
living bridges that remind us of our possibilities. Their lives are the pointers to our
potential. Someone must live a new truth first. Someone must have the wisdom to
recognize the possibility, the courage to become that possibility and the strength to live
that possibility as reality. The reality must be lived among us, in a world that may not
always support the truth. That someone becomes the living bridge. By anchoring the
possibility of greater expression of life into our grids, that possibility becomes available
for the next one with a similar desire to rise above the conditions of that which life has

offered thm, then for the next and the next…..”

Now, still for December remember that Universal Mother Mary will administer her TWIN
FLAME HEALING on Dec. 30 which is a Saturday night. There is no charge for this if you are
signed up for 4 healings or more per month. You can receive just this healing by going to
the website (link below) and signing up for 1 healing under the REMOTE HEALING PROGRAM.

Here are the dates for healings in January:

Mondays – January 1, 8, 15 and 22 (and on the 29th of January there will be another

Universal Mother Mary TWIN FLAME HEALING)
Thursdays – January 4, 11, 18 and 25
Saturdays – January 6, 13, 20 and 27.

Watch for a really special opportunity to receive free flower essences beginning January 1st

2018!!!!!!!! So exciting!!!!!!! Many love and light blessings, elizabeth