Hi Everyone! The chance to continually awaken in every moment occurs
in every moment! If we are distracted and forgetful we will miss those
precious opportunities that give us mystical insight. A definition of a
mystic is a oneness unification with all faculties and realities, on all
dimensions. The more moments that we can be truly aware and awake,
the more that the moments blend together in a liquid flow that becomes
our new reality; our new paradigm. We will no longer think of our

mystical experiences as rare, but as our natural flow of life. One way to
enhance our abilities to gain this new way of being and doing is to be

willing to spend more time in solitude.


We are rarely told by doctors, therapists, and psychologists that we need
more solitude and silence in our lives. In fact, it seems that recently there
has been a lot of media coverage of the “fact” that living alone can be
detrimental to our health, one study mentioning that living alone is worse

for our health as contrasted to smoking cigarettes.

We need to be careful about being conditioned by society such that we
literally miss the most precious opportunities in our lives because of
preconceived beliefs that may very well rule our subconscious realities.


In order to more fully polish our interior diamond-like being we will need
to endure cleansings at greater depths. If we are accustomed to being
comfortable in our normal everyday life, especially in restrictive
psychological patterns and relationships, the divine will show us ways
that may reduce our comfort level, as we clear old debris. These
purification opportunites will often occur when we seek out respite from
everyday matters and spend time praying, meditating, and in nature and
we will most likely be alone. To truly and profoundly look deep within
ourselves for new answers we will have to endure some stormy weather
whose winds and waters can shake out all the cobwebs such that our
beings emerge with a new crystalline beauty and a much greater wattage/



In order to hear the divine voice, we MUST quiet the myraid of our inner

voices. We can sabotage ourselves so quickly with our thoughts that can
be coming from our ego, our attachments, our self-judgements, etc. In
order to find our new selves; our light body selves, we will find that the
divine brings circumstances into our lives that facilitate our
transformation and it is very possible that opportunities to embrace
silence and solitude will come rushing forward. And you may at first
resist, but ask yourself how else are you going to fully concentrate and
stay focused to new ways of being and doing when we are distracted in
so many, many different ways. We’ve got to fully release our outdated
existences and some really deep work needs to take place to do it. The
momentum this work needs can take place very effectively within an
environment of less and less distractions – that is the precious and

sweetest gift of solitude.


I have noticed that many of my clients that live solitary lives seem to
have greatly expanded energy fields. Not that those that are not solitary
don’t, it’s just that there seems to be this ability for those that are walking
their journey solo at that moment in their lives can “take up a lot of
space” and have huge auric fields around them. I have wondered about
this and my divine guides have told me that spiritual seekers that are
alone don’t have to be compromised as much. They use the example of
one musical instrument (like a saxophone for example – see a (favorite of
mine) sax link at the end) taking up a whole lot of space, while if there are
several instruments, they may need to tone themselves down a bit to
harmonize. Make no mistake, both ways of being are divine, but this
analogy does show us something about building our incandescence!


Each of us has a new role to play as we evolve into our God’s Grace
expression. When we uncover our greatest authenticity we will also

uncover our hidden talents and we may be asked to bring them out into

the world.

Paramahansa Yogananda:

Thou Didst Teach Me The Language Of Angels

Incessantly searching, wandering through forests of Thy playful
inaccessibility, at last I arrived at the portals of infinity.
With faith and persistence I called Thy holy Name. The door of Thy
dwelling opened. Within, on an altar of glorious visions, wert Thou, in

perfect repose.

My ears were unattuned to Thy creation-molding voice; ardently but in
vain I waited for Thee to speak. Gradually Thy spell of stillness stole over
me, and in intuitional whispers Thou didst teach me the language of


In the lisping tones of newborn communion I pured out my age-old
questions: “Why, Lord, why sin and suffering? Why delusion?”
The rays of Thy shrine took form in letters of light and conveyed to me

Thine answers- authentic, soul-solacing.

Now, in my chamber of inner peace, I am always at rest with Thee. We

talk in words soundless, unknown to mortal hearing.
O Lord of the Unutterable Mysteries, ever in sacred silence shall We

eloquently converse.

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