We have had our monthly auto-ship program in place for at least 12 years and still have monthly clients that started way back then receiving their monthly package of deva flower energies!!!! Everyone on this program loves getting their package, beautifully wrapped by my assistant Betty (or more recently it might be Erika also), and every time they are amazed at how accurately the divine shows what is going to be most beneficial for their healing and transformation.
 On the 21st of each month, Elizabeth does a complimentary reading for you and is shown the most beneficial essences for you for the upcoming month. Within the same day, or the next day, each essence is custom made for each client (we never take essences off the shelf to send them), they are made specifically for you and this allows the deva and nature spirit energies to add their magical touches and flourishes to your essences before they are packaged up. There is no special cost for this program. The total is the cost of the essences and the shipping and handling, no different than if you placed an order in the usual way.
Benefits of this program are:
1.  There is never a gap in your immersion in the highest frequency vibrations of the flower essences.  When you announce to the universe that you are going to keep up with your transformation, you are much more magnetic for all of the gifts and unfoldment of your soul destiny path.  The divine will only give you the gifts that you are meant to have when they know that you are keeping yourself at the highest level of consciousness possible.
2.  Here at Spiritwater Gardens, we cover a very wide spectrum of flower, gem, and vibrational remedies.  We have over 185 flower essence combinations and they will cover every hurdle, recalibration,activation, and download that you will possibly need for your transformation into Light Body.
3.  There is never any alcohol in any of our remedies.  They are such a high vibration we now can bottle them with Organic Bulgarian Rose Water.  We have eliminated even using the Red Schiso that we used in the past for some of the octaves of essences.
4. Flower, gem and vibrational remedies are an integral part of God’s plan for you to emerge into Light Body.  The process is not necessarily sequential; there are times when we need to jump back and forth between frequencies.  Our essences cover all of the octaves and help you to unfold in a grace and ease that maintains a secure and comfortable physical, mental, emotional and spiritual transformation.
5. Many aspiring Light Bodies can become “backed up” with symptoms, rather like a computer without the necessary upgrades to download new programs.  You continually need to expand your abilities, especially in a multidimensional way.  If you have “symptoms” and “issues” and “drama,” I cannot stress enough the importance of flower essences.  Rather than letting problems amplify, a monthly essence shipment will keep you in a flow of grace and ease, all determined by divine guidance.
6.  Your intention, commitment, and notification to the universe that you will take care of yourself on a monthly basis gives you additional support, acceleration, and continuous upgrades.  Windows of opportunity, auspicious celestial events will be taken advantage of, rather than becoming missed opportunities.
7.  We remain dedicated to the goal of assisting our clients in discovering their soul destiny path through the use of flower essences, energy transmissions and various types of mentoring programs.  We take our job very seriously to be sure that all of you have guidance on the highest realms of love and light.  The readings serve as excellent ways for you to maintain this connection, as they inform you about the area you are working on for your Light Body evolution.
8. Just a call arranges this program for you in moments.  You will not ever have to remember to call for your next flower essence order, it will come on its own!! You can choose the number of essences combinations you would like to receive, or let divine guidance determine that.  You can cancel at any time.
“Each month, I am like a child ready to open her biggest, most beautiful Christmas present when my monthly shipment arrives.  Elizabeth, you are always so spot on with the essences that you send and I feel so secure and blessed as I take them each day.  I cannot begin to thank you for all that you and your helpers do.”
We are guided to offer a free gift essence to everyone that subscribes to this program for a limited time only!! We will base what you receive on the divine guidance shown for each of you. Just call Elizabeth at 800-850-6839 or reply to this email if you want to receive this wonderful service or if you want additional information.