Hi Everyone! We are moving into one of my favorite months(Trilliums shown above will be in
bloom soon!!!) because May is considered the month of Mary!!!! As always there will be Mary
healings administered every Monday night in May and they come at no extra charge if you
are part of the Remote Healing Program! And related to Universal Mother Mary, she has a
wonderful surprise coming soon (as soon has we can manifest in physical reality!!!).
There have been amazingly powerful energies lately that may feel a little unfamiliar. That is
because you are being driven to remove everything that makes you disbelieve the miracle of
your unfoldment into your most unlimited potential. And how do you remove this old
conditioning? You have to face it – literally, it becomes “in your face” type of stuff and you
cannot help but HAVE to consider it!! And as you face it, and because it is deeply embedded
in your totality, you somehow have to become MOTIVATED to push for change. The divine
brings out your desire to get motivated by activating impatience, frustration, and irritability and
even unhappiness. (Through cosmic events etc). The effect is that you begin to get out of your
comfort zone so that you can dive into the unknown and become the change you are meant
to live.
So I am not encouraging impatience, frustration, or irritability (and remember there could be
other reasons for this – an example being low Vitamin D levels), but if you know you are
healthy and are still experiencing these discouraging emotions, do know that they could be
having a VERY positive effect on future outcomes!!
Most of you notice that “symptoms” kind of start to pile up, close to the date of your
healings. Then after the healing you feel so much better! This is a very normal process for this
Remote Healing Program. I know of no other healing process that is making this happen so
quickly and efficiently (I know it still seems like a few years is waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay
toooooooooooooooo long). Hey, it isn’t just you that is changing, our consciousness levels
are enough that they are changing the whole planet.!!!!!!! WHAT IS STILL PROGRAMED IN
EARTH? We are all clearing this together!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Here are dates that healings are happening through the Remote Healing Program this month.
You can read more about this fantastic way to heal at the website link below.
Mondays, May 6, 13, 20, 27 (Universal Mother Mary administers and included is TWIN
Thursdays, May 2, 9, 16, 23, 30. (extra Thursday healing is complimentary)
Saturdays, May 4, 11, 18, 25
If you receive every other day, the healings come on even days.
Many love and light blessings, elizabeth
Testimonials constantly flow in:
This first testimonial is from a client that has been on the LIGHTWORKERS ON TRACK and
REMOTE HEALING program – she sent a photo of a marvelous spirit face)
“If this mighty spirit face existed in my garden before yesterday, I wouldn’t know. I
discovered him yesterday and I was blown away. This whole month I have been in love
with nature as never before. The April theme of the lightworker program made me
exquisitely aware of the sounds of birds and insects and leaves. It added a lot to the
love. I feel he came because my awareness changed. So I want to share this with
This next testimonial comes from a client in both the LIGHTWORKERS ON TRACK PROGRAM,
“One of the great benefits I’ve noticed is how my ascension is helping my husband.
He is lighter in spirit and seems happier. I am SO grateful that you are willing to be a
channel for God’s good in the world. I have been gathering up Heart Love and
sending it out like a rainbow shower throughout the world for healing wherever it is
“UNBELIEVABLE!!! I’m in such uninhibited joy and gratitude singing and dancing

around naked this morning while doing the dishes….wow, what a journey!! Did that
happen?!? thank you Elizabeth thank you all of the energies of great celebration
and assistance and all of the beautiful people partaking in Special Prayers!!!
I remember one night waking up again and again in laughter and joy….I’ve seen
friends transform into couragous, soft and compassionate people, more inspired to
live their purpose, to change what isn’t working……time and the honoring of my own
rhythm and others rhythms changed, sometimes I would be somehow stopped in my
tracks and sit for a what seemed like a long nourishing time, to remind me of my time
and my rhythm. Their we’re deep Wells of tears pouring from my heart, this place of
loss of connection to inocense running free in the pure connection to the earthen
elements to spirit, supported in tribe….i’ve seen rage, jelously, envy despondency as
the light shows me more limitations, and more love and acceptance for everything. A
learning to harness energy into tramsformarion (still in progress ) ( I have such a
force to be reckoned with sometimes, sheesh) There were days of such soft tender
love, waking up again at night to the heart softly singing all around. I’m crying just
remembering how so touched I am how so energized I am to keep going on my path
to ENJOY and LOVE and SHARE.”

{This client receives Remote Healings every

other day and monthly shipment of flower essences.}
“This session of SPECIAL PRAYERS seems to be far more advanced than in previous
times. I’ve been vacationing in Florida during the 2nd phase. And I must say I’ve never
experienced the beauty nor the Lightness of this locale although I’ve been visiting it
for the last 60 yrs. It’s almost otherworldly. My friend who flew in from San Diego and I
have spent hrs daily in uplifting spiritual conversations as well.I attribute the high level
of these discussions to be the effect of Special Prayers.Thank you for the fire
ceremonies and the prayers. We are all really blessed!” {This client receives through
the Remote Healing Program}
Elizabeth! I have been meaning to tell you how transformative your last special
prayers sessions were for me! It was just non-stop positivity and being filled with
strength, inspiration, happiness and creativity! It felt so amazing on all the levels –
spiritually, mentally, emotionally and physically! Wow! Thank you so much for the
being the beautiful inspiration and conduit for these wonderful and powerful special
prayers! {This client receives through the Remote Healing Program and the
“The Special Prayers are feeling very powerful! I have been inspired to smoke
my Sacred Peace Pipe almost daily since the first series of Special Prayers
began, praying for everyone that is receving the Special Prayers energy. I didn’t
even stop during our break. As I say the prayers, I can feel the prayers of some
of the other participants. I feel more connected to all of the others than I have
before during other Special Prayers. I feel that I am ONE with everyone and that
we are all assisting each other through this with our intentions and prayers. It is
such a great blessing to be part of a group of indivduals that have such strong
intentions to heal and evolve.Thank you and spirit for allowing me to be a part
of this healing energy! ” {This client is exceedingly diligent not only for herself and
all of her family members but also for her whole tribe. She arranges healings for every
family member and constantly is fine tuning herself with flower essences.}
“Thank you so much for the Special Prayers for myself & _____! I feel like life is
getting easier & more graceful. The purchase of property ______ has been working
on for the past 3 years to build a home in __________ where we will be creating
community & ultimately building the City of God finally was signed today & looks like
will close tomorrow or certainly this week! Now I feel that I can focus on getting myself
ready for my next contribution to this Great Work & rebuilding the matrix of our world
& planet. I find myself inspiring people wherever I go & what a joy life has become

consistently.Again, thank you & I look forward to Worry Not and & whatever co-
creation the universe presents.” {This client and her husband are visionaries with big,

comprehesive dreams for Heaven on Earth and have received healings and flower

essences regularly for many, many years.}