Growth in all areas of life is what happens when we harness the energies of love and light frequencies from a multiplicity of universes and beyond. Growth is the reaction of divine grace. It is very important that each of us continues to grow. Like a flower continuing to bloom year after year. What happens when you become stagnant in nature? A tree, each year, creates rings of growth. Some years there is a lot of growth and other years there is not so much growth, but always we want to be growing. Even water running fast that then settles into a pool is maturing in some way. Nature will reject those that are unproductive. This means that you want to continue to build momentum for your soul journey path. You then gather more “fuel” to continue. You want to be fruitful for yourself and then you will also give fruit to others. You are wanting to make sure that every atom begins to vibrate at the level of creation in an amplified way.

How do you continue to grow? Look for ways that are aligned with the Earth. This is why I love the flower essences. They are wisdom imprints for our energetic totality that are a gift from the Earth. And they are not in alcohol which is not a high frequency for our energetic totality!!!! The SPECIAL PRAYERS (see testimonials below) are also an aspect of nature. The Remote Healing Program (see is a gift of nature where I have been trained to harness the energies of nature to bring you the most complete expression of your divine, most enlightened blueprint through the wisdom of nature.

Testimonials for Flower Essences:

“Enrollment in your autoship program for monthly readings and flower essences is the best investment I have ever made.”

“As I was considering what to do to help myself your blue essence bottle appeared in my inner space, hence this email. Please let me know what you receive and suggest I take.”

You can always receive a free reading that will suggest the flower essence combinations described at that will be the most beneficial and auspicious for your continued healing, transformation and expansion of consciousness. Call (715-272-1593 ) or contact us today.