Hi Everyone!!! Ok, listen up. Getting clear of limiting beliefs about your own self

interacting with everyone around you is the roller coaster that you need to ride
sometimes in some of the social interaction stuff that can knock you off course. There
are some kinda scary leaps you have to take, but hey you are worth it – right??????
If you are the kind of person that is ignored in a conversation, unacknowledged at a
party, has had trouble getting people to be interested in your cause, or you feel like
you have been completely incognito in the midst of others for way too long, here is a
case study that you will want to read about!!! This is a common problem and it happens
to everyone and it is the degree to which it happens to you that makes this begin to

matter enough that you know you need some support.

Of course, we don’t mind if others approach our partner from time to time and overlook
ourselves, but when it always happens, it can be frustrating. Or if we find ourselves
feeling like we are alone even amidst others at a gathering from time to time, this is
pretty normal, but when it happens all the time, this is a quandary that needs a
solution. Or if we are trying to attract clients and getting nowhere, this is challenging!
Or it may be that we have made a lot of headway as it related to this problem but we
want to make our small swagger even a bit more swaggier:) when we are involved with

social interaction.

In this case study, my client found that in almost every conversation her spouse was
the one that others approached and no one ever paid any attention to her. When she
was at a gathering, she found that again, she was ignored, even if she tried to initiate
a conversation or if the conversation began, it quickly ended. Why does this happen
she wanted to know, and what could she do about it. Well, as always, I let the divine
guidance answer that question through a reading. Here are 4 essences that came up

for her.


The higher guidance explained that every problem that we have is a mirror and is
showing us the way we reflect ourselves out to the world and luckily, also, shows us
how to solve the dilemma by showing us what we are doing. This essence called
HONORING OURSELVES AND OTHERS is about not being afraid to be the most complete
and unique version of ourselves. It is about understanding that if we are somehow not
honoring some aspect of ourselves that that is reflected back at us. If we are thinking
ourselves inadequate, others will pick up on it. Also, if we are wearing a mask that
hides our true self, (not at all honoring to ourselves!!!) others don’t pick up on anything

that they can identify with and move on.

Additionally, see that if we not honoring, for example our soul destiny path, others will
not be attracted to our lack of expression. Remember too, that if we are busy in judging
others, that is also going to come back at us. Read the document on HONORING

OURSELVES AND OTHERS, it is pretty interesting!!!


This was illuminating to me! I did not see this coming when I did the reading for this
client, and it of course, may not be the case for everyone but so worth considering for
your own situation. The divine guidance said that at least in this case, this client had
so much of her soul missing from her totality, that she had this underlying feeling of
unfulfillment and separation. Imagine that a puzzle is 30% incomplete. Unconsciously,
when we interact with others, we want to see the complete whole. When there are a
lot of missing pieces, we cannot “magnetize in” the interest. Like a magnet attracting
filings; if it is not a strong magnet, it won’t attract much. As we retrieve more of our
soul totality, we become much more whole on all levels of our beingness. This makes us
attractive to others, as our soul expression is shining bright through us. Read here
about this fascinating essence. It explains all what soul retrieval is all about.


This wonderful essence says that she is for the essence and expression, both inside
and out of miraculous beauty. We want to shine our light. We don’t want to be afraid of
being in the spotlight from time to time, no matter how large or small the spotlight

is. This essence is for all of the complicated convolutions that can happen when we do
not see ourselves as absolutely divine, both on the inside and the outside. You will find
flowers in this formula for divine proportion (hold the wisdom of the golden mean), for
aligning with our divine blueprint, for purity, for mastery of emotions, for slowing the
aging process, for knowing that you are beautiful in a myriad of ways,for taking a gentle
view of ourselves, for not worrying about what we look like, for polishing the inner
personality, for hydration, and the remedy even contains a sun screen!


Lots of us have old conditioning and patterns (probably learned from childhood
conditioning) that bring us great anguish in certain situations. When you have this kind
of anxiety, know that it really isn’t yours!! It is your conditioning, but you do not have
to own that old pattern that no longer serves you. This essence has shown itself to be
amazing in clearing out this old stuff that keeps us from being comfortable in social


Hope this is helpful. I can do a reading for you to see if these essences or others will
help you with your situation. The readings are complimentary! Visit Spiritwater Gardens
to take a look at the essences described here, or to learn about other essences and
services we offer. Our website is super secure and easy to use. Many love and light
blessings, elizabeth (Please forward this newsletter to others on your lists that might

enjoy it – thanks!!!!)

“You brought thankful happy tears to my eyes, Elizabeth. ________ so needs some
healing also. I thank you with all my heart for including him and all of us in your
powerful healing prayers. I feel so blessed to have you in our lives, as a beacon of
faith, love, kindness, generosity, strength, intelligence scientifically and your wisdom of
spirit and people. Can not say enough how incredible you are! You are my “want to be

like person.”

These healings are a priceless monumental moment and gift that takes your breath
away but lasts a life time. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU.”

“Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!! Big hugs to you and please thank Mother Mary for
her generousity and guidance by helping us through your powerful and dynamic self

and your gifts. How does it get better then this?”