Hi Everyone! As we continue to receive healing energies to evolve our
light body, we find that we can “be tested” such that we begin to have
much greater awareness as to just what expands our light and to just
what the heck compromises our light!! My heads up warning to you now
is that you WILL have to refine the detective/sleuth within!!! But also
know that this is a very natural process (see yourself in nature, and like a
tree or a flower, you have your own growth pattern) in our aspirations to
become a more expanded “unlimited potential” version of our unlimited

God’s Grace Expression.

I think that the more that we can embrace this “opportunity” to have our
diamond-like beings more and more cut and polished, the easier it is to
“tackle” the difficult challenge of determining just exactly what makes us
lose our wattage. The divine likens this to an analogy of us continuously
becoming higher and higher wattage light bulbs, that eventually can only
be compromised in exceedingly challenging circumstances.These
challenges, once again, just represent another learning experience. This
is the great process of awakening into more and more empowered light
beings capable of being suns, stars, lightning, and thunder in their own
right. Yes, let’s go there!!!!

So one of the things that I hear from my clients and have learned myself
as well, is that it is the people closest to us that are most apt to
compromise our expansion. I have found that the following 5 themes
come up and that we can detect a subtle lack of authenticity in
relationships. And oddly, they can really lower our wattage as they cause
us to “leak” our light. In no way am I recommending that we eliminate
these relationships, although I do recommend a healthy dose of
awareness of these situations and setting greater boundaries. As you
recognize patterns, you will also begin to understand how you can be
hooked into subtle energetic pulls that you will want to eliminate to make
yourself more and more transparent and “embodied” to the full definition
of the word. Our goal is to ultimately move away from less authentic
relationships and find more rewarding and authentic ones.



Failure To Keep Promises – this is big and can happen over and over again before we finally recognize it.

Emotional Hedging – an avoidant and dismissive attitude towards
emotional expression and nurturing. Can manifest as an emotional
shearing where you feel that your emotional self has become more and
more trimmed down and eventually non-existent. This can take on
shades of belittling, feelings of being over-watered for short times and
then being underwatered for long periods. All morphing into feelings of
inadequacy, self doubt, and perhaps coming with a sense that you need
to constantly apologize.

Perpetual Lack Of Reciprocity – a healthy relationship is one of mutual
care and comes with a natural flow of giving and receiving. Think of the
act of breathing. You breathe in and you receive, you breathe out and
you give. Should be a simple flow. Mutually satisfying.

An Adept Ability To Apply Negative Comments In Very Subtle Ways-
somehow this person is very good at trivializing your successes. You
remain in self-doubt and even guilt and can even be manipulated to be
distracted from your strengths and passions.

A Continuous Feeling Of Lack Of Genuine Support- the relationship can
sometimes mimic a relationship with true depth, but will then put us in a
place of feeling guilt and compliance. The person can distort our known
values around a supportive relationship by making us feel like we have
become overly demanding about what we truly know intrinsically about
authenticity in relationship.

Next time we will look at ways to be in relationships that are mutually
rewarding and emotionally secure!

” In the healings I have seen that there has been some major work in the process between myself
and my partner and he reached out Sunday to say that he wants to return to being in the
partnership that we have worked together on for a long time. I am so grateful.I have trust and faith
that the divine knows what is best for me. I hold patience for divine timing. I remember that I am
love and light. I continue to follow my path and purpose.I am forever grateful for all the support
and guidance that you have provided me on my journey. Mahalo for following your purpose.You
are a gift to all of us and I for one am incredulous at what can happen for us through these

“Since Monday night, #3 transmission, I asked my soul for help letting go of toxic partner. While I
was taking small kind steps to make it happen he “got it” and stepped away gracefully! Wow!
Effortless! So grateful for your work at this most important time of my transformation! Feeling
closer to being ready to step through the Gateway of my New Life!I feel the Fire Purification and
Special Prayers along with the transmissions will be powerful tight at my birthday!”

“This is wonderful and perfect. I have been wanting deeply to connect with and remember my
soul’s purpose, what I am, where I came from, and what my part is this time. I want to know my
souls’ relationship and be in integrity with them. I am very excited to be part of all that you do and
to realign with my inner Song .Thank you for all you do,In light and love”
Many blessings of love and light, elizabeth

My healings are well-known for their ability to help you recognize relationships
for what they are and to move in a continuous flow towards healing them in
ways that bring great fulfillment. If you want to receive healing energies to
evolve your light body, do not hesitate to reply to this newsletter or call me at
715-272-1593. You can also request a flower essence reading that will look at
your relationship specifically and recommend the most auspcious flower