Recently a client requested a reading specifically around her issue of wanting to improve her
memory, increase her alertness and a desire to be able to hold an inner stillpoint for longer
periods. She knows that in order to co-create with the non-physical realms, it is imperative
that she be able to hold a stillpoint. It is said that if we can hold an inner stillpoint for an
intention for at least 17 seconds, it will manifest into physical form. Also, if we are able to
stay in periods of stillness, we are much more able to hear divine guidance. Here are the
flower essences that came up for this client:

BRAIN GAIN – It was shown that this woman needed an essence that would give her a
“wisdom imprint” to bring in a more comprehensive “blueprint,” such that her brain will gain
in its ability to serve her in a much more enlightened way. Of course we have all heard that
we barely use even 20% of our brain’s potential and we have been shown that this remedy
will begin the process, bringing momentum to open new portals of integration. One area
that has improved dramatically for many of my clients is in their ability to make a command
of the brain and the brain responds immediately. For example if you have a headache, you
just command the brain to secrete the chemicals that will bring about the relief of the
headache. Or you could ask to have your blood pressure lowered and it is taken care of!
Another area that BRAIN GAIN has worked for in me is the ability to have a more
photographic memory. I just ask for it, and it just happens!!!!!!!!As we get more aligned
with our divine selves, this kind of command and response will become common. This
essence is also good for other areas my client needed help in including brain fog, poor
memory and improving ability to focus. Really amps up our ability to utilize the full potential
/capacity of our brains. Know that this essence combination will also bring about cleansing
for the brain.

INNER CALM – Again there is a need for a calm tranquility amid a sea of chaos and even
negativity for this client. This essence will give her focus and concentration, as well as an
ability to watch the breath to bring about even more calmness. Also so importantly, this is
so helpful for calming the mental chatter so that we can hear the higher guidance from the
divine voice. If you don’t have this, you do not know what to do and have challenges
making decisions, because ultimately we want to hear our divine guidance over everything
else and follow that path.

CREATION – This is Universal Mother Mary’s “formula” for creating. This client specifically
indicated that she wanted to be able to hold the inner still point so that she your physically
manifest her dreams and desires. Most of you already have an understanding of what the
process of co-creation is all about and this flower essence combination brings you into the
steps for creating especially the step that is about how to hold the inner still point. Again is
said that if we can hold a thought for 17 seconds (try it, it is not easy, I teach you how to
easily do this in my mentoring program – see website under products A-Z) then we can
bring that thought into manifestation. This truly extraordinary essence will support your
efforts into holding inner still point as well as other steps for manifestation.

EFFECTIVE DOWNLOAD – I was shown that this client had an energetic obstruction at the
crown chakra. It almost looked like a cork had been plugged into her crown (I see this in
clients with depression also. Just try pressing down on the crown of your head and see how
it feels – depressing right????) This block can be cleared with this fantastic Galactic Grace
flower essence combination. The analogy would be that it looked like CD’s are stacked up at
your crown waiting to be “downloaded” or integrated into your entire energetic totality and
somehow they just can’t get through. In the past we would go to the library or look up
something on a search engine on our computer for bringing in information or knowledge.
Now we also are opening up to receiving cosmic wisdom!!!!!

Isn’t this just the coolest way to bring about our Ascension??? So easy, so simple, so
aligned with the earth and intergalactically:) These essences are all available on our
website. You can go to the “Products A-Z” on the menu bar at the top of the homepage.
Of course you can email or call me (715-272-1593) for your own personal
reading and there is no charge for this.

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