Hi Everyone! I have been guided by Universal Mother Mary to
write a new book about the multi-dimensional benefits of working
in the garden. Truly, there is nothing as satisfying as nurturing
plants and creating beauty all around you. The spiritual,
emotional, mental, and physical benefits could not be more
apparent. As you all know, I do almost all of my own work in the
gardens, although, I do have someone mow lawns, do heavy
work, and help me if I get way behind. The gardens are mostly all
planted, but I am always exploring the garden centers to find
unique flowers to grow here. I have been working on plants that
will gladly grow around pine trees and Jacob’s Ladder said, “Yes,
I will,” a few years ago, and finally just yesterday, I was guided to
make an essence of this lovely, ever so delicate, purple flower.
And I just found a white one that is waiting to be planted in the
area where my property is “anchored” for the deva, fairy, and
nature spirit’s support.
What is blooming:
Gazania – The gorgeous coral-colored flower above.
The Foxgloves are mostly pink this year and they call in the fairy
and nature spirits most loudly. (To the right – top)
The Columbines are pink and blue (just right) ones this year and
of course, they resemble fairy party hats and they also call in the
nature spirits and proclaim that the party is about to begin.
The Varigated Hostas are a beautiful backdrop to the Purple
Violets that do so well at bringing in the celestial energies to the
gardens. (Top photo left.)
The Lily of the Valley are spreading like crazy and that really
makes the areas that they grow in so very magical and fragrant.
They enhance our sensory antennas. (Lowest photo on left with
toad house!)
The miniature Irises are most elegant right now in blue, purple,
and magenta as featured colors this year. (See right.)
Spherical violet-colored Alliums are new to the garden this year!
(Second down upper right.)
It has taken me forever to get this wild White Rose Bush to
The taller Iris are also blooming in pale yellow and purple.

(Lowest photo on right in group above.)
And then there are all the wildflowers in the woods around me
Forget-me-nots, Dandelions, Spring Beauties, Solomon’s Seal,
Trilliums ………………………………………
Anyway, you get the idea!!!!!!!!!! Flowers Everywhere!!
Be blessed this day with infinite love and light frequencies,