This beautiful field of corn received energy transmissions by Elizabeth through the
Trivedi Effect. The soil, the seed and the plants all received the energy transmissions.
The farmer’s name is Ken and his farm is about 3 hours south of us in Wisconsin. Ken
has dedicated a large portion of his life to spiritual pursuits and has a good
understanding of his energetic totality. He is always working on improving his
professional abilities to grow agricultuaral crops using alternative methods when
possible. Ken has kept careful records of crop yield for at least 20 years and one of the
reasons that these energy transmissions were administered is that we are hoping that
there will be an improvement in yield. But we aalso know through thousands of research
projects that the corn is apt to be far more healthy and disease resistant .So far, Ken
notes that he had to plant later because his fields were wet and he says that his plants
have caught up to the plants that were planted earlier by other farmers. He says that
the plants have a very good look and feel. We know that this is not a research project
with all of the right protocol but we are just in the very beginning of trying to learn
more about what these energy transmissions are capable of. Here is a review of the
research related to the increase of chlorophyll content in plants receiving energy

transmissions through the Trivedi Effect:

Impact of the Trivedi Effect on Chlorophyll in Plants

Research on plants receiving energy transmissions through the Trivedi Effect
has yielded some remarkable results. The following discussion explores the
amazing discovery, through peer reviewed scientific documentation, that the
plants receiving these energy transmissions were found to have increased
chlorophyll content by up to 50%. Separately, chlorophyll a content increased in
the treated plants by 31% and chlorophyll b content increased by a remarkable


Typically scientists compose the structure of plants into three major organ groups:
roots, stems and leaves. These three groups in the plant work together to

complete the goals of the plant which are very basically, to produce
sugars/carbohydrates and oxygen. For this discussion we will examine the
leaves of the plants, as they are the part of the plant that contain the


One of the main functions of the leaves is called photosynthesis. This vital process
in plants is important because it is the way that plants transform energy to create their
own food. Unlike humans, plants cannot reach out to grab a bite to eat (at least in a
physical wayJ), instead they convert sunlight for their nourishment through this process

called photosynthesis.

Leaves are highly efficient solar energy converters. Their efficiency depends
on light intensity, temperature and the proportion of carbon dioxide in the
atmosphere. They capture light energy and then through the process of
photosynthesis, are able to hold energy in the form of sugar molecules that have
come from carbon dioxide and water found in the atmosphere around the plant.
Within the cell structure of the leaves are organelles that are called chloroplasts
(essential for photosynthesis) which contain chlorophyll pigments. These
pigments absorb energy from different wavelengths of color from violet-blue and
orange-red. Chlorophyll a absorbs wavelengths in the 400 nm – 450 nm and 650 – 700
nm of the electromagnetic spectrum. Chlorophyll b is able to capture a different
spectrum which is between 450 nm – 500 nm and 600 – 650 nm. As a result, chlorophyll
a and b together enhance the spectrum of absorption of light for producing energy. This
results in plants being able to capture a wider array of sunlight energies.


A number of experiments were conducted on 106 acres of Cashew trees that
received energy transmissions from Mr. Trivedi. I won’t go over all of the details, but

see the next session for a review of what happened.


From these results it was found that the chlorophyll content in the plants
treated with The Trivedi Effect by Mr. Trivedi increased overall by 50%.
Separately, chlorophyll a content increased by 31% and chlorophyll b content by
100%. Note that overall chlorophyll b content doubled in leaves treated by The
Trivedi Effect. Also the scientist shared that it was noteworthy that the
proportion of chlorophyll a to b is 1:0.33 in the control plants and in the plants
treated that ratio went up to 1:2. Additionally, the researcher notes, that if
chlorophyll levels have increased, it follows that the energy levels in the
chloroplasts have increased. This would correlate with the plants being able to
improve their ability to assimilate in the leaves for enhanced production of
sugars and carbohydrates. Leaves also showed greater shininess and were free

from pests and diseases.

“The plants started harnessing 100% more energy from the sun.” (Mahendra


The results of this research project are highly significant. The Trivedi Effect
can improve the chlorophyll content of the plants. Both Chlorophyll a and b are
improved. This results in the plants being able to absorb a wider spectrum of
sunlight than previously possible. There will be higher yields of cashews (which has
been proven by other research investigations). Other experiments in agriculture on the
Trivedi Effect have shown improved and faster germination, increased growth rate of
plants, greater vitality in stem thickness, greater strength and volume in roots,
improved survival rates, greater immunity, increased yields, higher nutritional values and
plants with greater overall beauty. The Trivedi Effect uses no pesticides or
herbicides and so there are no detrimental effects to the environment which will
leave the earth a healthier and more harmonious place for all of its inhabitants.
This discussion only briefly notes the results of over 4000 research experiments that
document the miraculous abilities of The Trivedi Effect. Visit and

click on science tab to see the complete list and documentation.

Vidyapeeth, Konkan. 2006.

Report on the Experiment Conducted on Cashews at Vaibhavwadi, Dist. Sindhudurg

Author – Elizabeth Patric

“There is a greater need for me to have the vitality,