Hildegard of Bingen gets my vote for Patron Saint of Ecology because she is so deeply
ecological in her spirituality. In Matthew Fox’s Iluminations of Hildegard of Bingen he notes
that in these times, there needs to be a progression from an egological to ecological
consciousness. It is my belief that throughout society, ecological injustice is unrestrained
because we lack an ecological spirituality. Hildegard is opulent in her ability to express an
intrinsic wholeness/holiness of being. She writes”I the fiery life of divine wisdom, Ignite the
beauty of the plains, I sparkle the waters, I burn the sun, and the moon and the stars.”
And also – “There is no creation that does not have a radiance. Be it greenness or seed,
blossom or beauty, it could not be creation without it….the word is living, being, spirit, all
verdant greening, all creativity. All creation awakened, called by the resounding melody

God’s invocation of the word.”

Read Hildegard and you will learn that she will teach you about her personal struggle for
liberation as a woman, her alchemy of science, art and religion and about her
understanding and explanation of the mircrocosm / macrocosm which brings in that deep

ecological sense of consciousness.

Matthew Fox says that she “awakens the psyche to the cosmos” and thereby offers
ecological healing to both ourselves and the cosmos, offering healing to that nasty rift
between matter and spirit that has dominated our western culture for the past 300 years.
Hildegard reached out to humanity and said – “All nature is at the disposal of humankind.
We are to work with it….Humankind is called to co-create…Without it we cannot


Hildegard begs us to experience the cosmos of mystery and spirit coming together again.
She tells us that the missing link between science and spirituality is art. We have to learn to
trust our creativity and our imagery, expressed in the myriad of fertile ways that have been
so repressed by our old conditioning, patterns and issues. She teaches that art (her
illuminations (paintings) are wonderful), music (hers is breathtaking) and writing (including
sublime poems and plays) “wakes us from our sluggishness.” In fact, Hildegard was very
sick until she overcame her sense of needing to be “a subdued woman and needing to be
humble” and literally flowered and flowed with divine creativity for much of her life.
What I love more than anything about the flower essences is that they are “medicines from
the Earth” brought to us through the deva and nature spirit energies. The flowers offer a
path (yes, a path marked by the petals of flowers) that bring in “wisdom imprints” that
“remind” us of who we are and show us the way to the most complete and unlimited

expression of our soul destiny path.
Here are a few recommendations for your creativity:
BLESSED CREATIVITY (divine guidance for creative endeavors)


blocks that obstruct creativity)

CREATIVE JOURNEY JOURNAL (shamanic journeying, greater flow in writing)
RIVER FLOW ERS (language of light, third eye awakenings)

BE HOLD BEAUTY (understanding our role as a human to be a container that reflects beauty,
thereby shifting the earth to a place of beauty – the preceiver creates perceptions)
MILKY WAY (greater understanding of the microcosm/ macrocosm relationship
WILDERNESS MYSTIC (understanding nature as a path to spirituality)
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