The flower photo above is Helenium. She has that kind of laugh that can never be just a
small laugh, she says you must almost howl with laughter at the process of being human.
She says that when you partake of her essence she will get you to laugh with abandon. This
essence is one of many flowers in our SOARING DOVE flower essence combination which
has cured so many clients of depression!!!!

Our case study today is for a client that wanted essences to clear her of a smoking habit.

Here is what came up in her reading:

SOARING DOVE – It was shown in this client’s energy field that she was prone to depression
and especially some seasonal depression. SOARING DOVE is for clearing all depression
related to seasonal disorders as well as clearing old depression. We want to completely kick
out all of depression from our entire energetic totality. Also brings greater joy to us in the
way in which we serve the world. It can be especially difficult to quit a habit when you are
prone to depression and erroneously use the habit to uplift your circumstances.
VIOLET RAY – It was shown for this client that she was needing a transformational formula
for healing related to the lungs. Indeed, this formula is necessary for the evolution of the
lungs in the Ascension process. This will expand the respiratory system with amber, silk like
energy and sparks an ignition of a cellular ionic fire within master cells that helps us to
become better at nurturing ourselves through breathing – good for asthma, allergies and
lung congestion and even more importantly and compelling – access to more refined prana.
DETERMINATION- If there is an old habit that you are trying to move out of your totality, this
is a great essence for this type of support. It is more important than ever before that you
have follow through and drive to bring intentions into physical action. This powerful remedy
offers a group of flowers that give us purposefulness, single minded focus, persistence and
tenacity to work hard to clear anything that is no longer serving us.Brings drive, follow
through of intention and forceful resolute action.

RELEASE HABIT – We all have habits, unconstructive patterns of thinking and behaving,
and addictions. Habits can include holding on to things we no longer need, living in clutter
and disorganization, avoiding responsibilities around our financial situation, being a
“doormat” to our family, thoughts that we may not even notice, addictions to foods, drinks,
and drugs, and even the behavior of being in pain. Some of our habits are easy to identify
and some are much less obvious.

Most therapists and spiritual teachers with an approach that includes energetic concepts,
would agree that many of our less constructive patterns begin at the heart chakra. Instead
of being unconditionally loving to ourselves, we have twisted ourselves around and instead
have found ways to not love ourselves or to be conditionally loving to ourselves in one way
or another.

For eons, our bodies, on the earth plane, have been pulled one way and our souls in
another direction. This polarity has led the heart to a place of being/feeling abandoned on a
physical, mental, emotional or spiritual level. My sense is that the more amplified the feeling
of separation, the more amplified the pattern of behavior that does not serve us will be.
RELEASE TRAUMA – Habits that no longer nurture us have brought trauma to our totality that
is necessary to clear. Most clients interested in flower essences are at a spiritual crossroads
where it is most likely that they can be comprehensively effective at clearing out old trauma.
This formula is really miraculous in it’s ability to clear physical trauma from this lifetime and
others. You may even, from a detached place, “see” lifetime after lifetime of old physical
traumas clear from your totality. The time for accumulating trauma is over. It will be
completely painless and in grace and ease. We have hundreds of clients that have cleared
old trauma and it really works. When the student is ready the master appears, and in this
case in the form of a flower essence!!!

I would be happy to assist you with a personal reading that would help you to be supported
to clear an old habit or to make sure that a habit you have cleared does not come back
when you become stressed or anxious or tired. Just reply to this newsletter with your
request or call me at 715-272-1593 and will get you queued up. This is a service that I do
at no charge to you, so that you can know for sure that the essences chosen for you are the
most effective, beneficial and auspicious for your situation in the 3-4 weeks ahead which is
the dosage time period. Many love and light blessings, elizabeth

P.S. You can look these essences up on the

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