Hi Everyone! The focus here at SPIRITWATER GARDENS has been on the flowers and gardens. We have made a number of new essences which we will be sharing soon. The healing energies are more effective and more amplified then ever before. If you haven’t already tried receiving a healing, you really should. My clients observe and derive more and more benefits from the healings each week Most of you know that I am always available for flower essence readings. It is not hard at all to receive these always complimentary (no obligation) readings. You just have to reply to this email that you would like to receive one, and we go from there. If you are brand new, I like to talk with you on the phone very briefly to tell you how the reading is done and to see if you have any questions or specific requests around the reading. I then do the reading in my early morning meditation period and share an email with you that contains a pretty detailed summary of what the reading shows. These readings speak to your soul and spirit and can change your life!!!! My mentoring program is very unique in that it is tailored to your particular soul destiny path and needs, aspirations and goals for the most complete expression of your unlimited potential. While you are doing the mentoring program you are urged to receive the healings and the flower essences. Fantastic results are the norm!!!!!!! Currently I have one mentoring position left for starting in later September. You can read more about the mentoring program under the “products” category at www.spiritwatergardens.com. Oh the other flower photos are Blue Bells (know for drawing angels to the gardens and teaching us clairaudience (see the Mary Essence – ANGEL CHOIR at the website) Foxglove (this particular flower is a brand new essence for us – deva and nature spirit energies LOVE Foxgloves of all sorts) and Bee Balm which is know for its abilities to amplify our healing a magnetizing abilities (found in the Mary Essence – AMPLIFY at the website. Testimonials
“Thank you so much! Again, I know you’re healings promote miracles, because of _________’s incredible recovery, I have witnessed some of the depth and breadth of what is possible.”

“I just love going to your website and reading the descriptions of your flower essences. I am so in awe of the messages that they share. Maybe I am kind of nerdy about this, but hey, I feel so good afterwards!!!!!”
“I am absolutely so in reverence and love for your flower essences. They do everything that they say they do and more. I feel that they are so sparkling clean and transparent. Like exquisite gems for my health and well being. I instantly feel so much more positive after taking them.”

“The essences have been a great support. I move in leaps and bounds with them. They work so gently, yet profoundly and rapidly. I just completed Soul Retrieval, Mary’s Cloak and Inner Calm and they ushered me through some massive shifts.”

“Over the past few years I have enjoyed quite a few different essences from Spirit Water Garden. They have proven beneficial during my spiritual awakening and continued growth. I recall the Quartz Alchemy provided an amazing jolt to my vibrational frequency. Like wow. I just finished your Khuaian Paradise essence which has helped my heart open so wide it just fills up with love. ” Many love and light blessings, elizabeth (715-272-1593) Oh and P.S. Free Universal Mother Mary TWIN FLAME HEALING again this month for all of you in the 4 per month or more than 4 per month healing programs. If you are wanting just this TWIN FLAME HEALING occurring on Monday night July 31st, just sign up for 1 healing ($55) on the website or call me. If the July 31st night does not work, you can designate another evening. The healing occurs while you sleep. Anyone in the household receives this healing, so there can be a family or couple or group receiving this healing and still the charge is just $55.